Video has been on the affiliate marketing radar for quite some time now yet few marketers ever really take a tried and true stab at the content form.

Maybe it’s the product requirements or maybe it’s simply because people don’t want to be on video. Whatever the excuse – it’s costing them profits.

Video for affiliate marketing doesn’t need to be a Hollywood production.

It takes just a small investment for recording & editing software and taking the time to learn the basics. Once you’ve nailed a video or two you’ll realize video is the right format for you.

In this short series I’ll be running you through the basics so that by the end you should be well upon your way in publishing video for your affiliate marketing projects.

These are the Basics

Before we get into the “meat” of the content this week I figured it would be best to give an overview of the main items you’ll end up learning throughout this short course.

  • The recording gear – Since the production doesn’t need to be industry professional you can choose consumer grade video cameras for the brunt of your recording; you may also have a smartphone that has high quality video which would work, too.
  • The audio gear – Video can be somewhat fuzzy (and acceptable) but one aspect you will wish to avoid is low quality audio; as long as people can clearly hear the concepts you’re covering it will keep them hooked so it’s important that you purchase a microphone for recording.
  • The editing software/app – There is a range of free and paid video editing software; consumer-level software (or apps) are probably your best bet because they keep to the basics. Most videos will follow a simple title screen and cuts so even the simplest software will suffice.
  • The script – Just as it was important to have great audio it’s equally important that you have a great script. You may be the type that can put together a video off the cuff but having a script ensures that you’re leading people through the content and out through the affiliate promo.
  • The distribution – A great video is only so if it reaches the right people; how you distribute the video will matter. There are many online video platforms you can upload your work but there are other options (such as using it within a membership program) that you’ll want to consider.

With that we have the main items in a nutshell. As you can see there really isn’t a steep barrier for you to get started with video. The learning curve of the actual production & editing will be the longest part but even the basics can be picked up after a few projects.

I hope you stick with me for the other parts of the series because video truly is a remarkable type of content for promoting affiliate offers. Video, too, is very fun to create and even if you decide against using it for projects it still grants you knowledge of a worthwhile skill.

Stay tuned for part two where I’ll cover the where it all starts… the script.