What type of YouTube conversion tracking strategy are you using? Like many, you may not even realize that this is a possibility. Unfortunately, this means that you have been missing out on a lot of good information.

Many affiliate marketers use YouTube to upload product reviews, testimonials, and basic information as a way of promoting affiliate websites and links. Even if you realize that your promotions are paying off, due to increased profits, you will still have a couple of questions on your mind:

How much money are you really making from your YouTube promotions? Are your videos converting as well as you would like?

Importance of YouTube Conversion Tracking

Conversions are conversions, right? For some affiliates, making a sale is good enough. That being said, you should not be happy with that. There are many reasons why YouTube conversion tracking is important:

  • Get an idea of how well your videos are converting
  • Use the data for better targeting in the future
  • Allows for strategical changes based on performance
  • Answer the question: Is YouTube an effective traffic source?


There is no way of knowing how well your videos are performing unless you are tracking clicks and conversions. Fortunately, this is not something that has to be done “manually.” Instead, there are products that can do the job for you.


The simplest way to track YouTube conversions is by using LinkTrackr. To get started, all you have to do is embed a short tracking link in the description section found on your video page.  From there, all of the work is taken care of for you.

With the dynamic campaign feature, you can see how well your videos are performing based on the campaign that you are running.

The above screenshot was taken from the LinkTrackr website. This example shows tracking for a webinar from multiple sources, including YouTube.

Final Word

With the right strategy, you can easily determine if your YouTube videos are paying off or if you need to change your approach. Rather than guess with the hopes that your videos are converting, use a product such as LinkTrackr to ensure that you are accurately tracking each and every campaign.