Affiliate Manager Questions That Will Make You a Better Affiliate Marketer

Asking the right affiliate manager questions will help you find what's working. The affiliate manager is there to help you, the affiliate, promote to the best of your ability. Questions take the guesswork out of affiliate marketing. These affiliate managers have a great amount of data and this data can help you align your promotions. Doing so will help it to hit the right, targeted individuals. While using the right affiliate promotions. How so? Many new affiliates joining affiliate networks base their promotions on what's "hot". Or, what's showing the highest EPC. This is a decent starting point but it's hard...

The Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners [2024]

The best affiliate programs are the ones providing ample offer selection and great payouts. There are thousands of affiliate programs across hundreds of categories. It’s overwhelming to those new to affiliate marketing asking, “where do I begin?”. (more…)

Write Consistently — The Big, Long Post on Creating More Content

What probably brought you to the post was something like "how often should I post?". I mean really ... how often should we post? Some say you should publish a post every day while others are telling you to do one big piece at leisure. There's also how long the content should be and what time it should go out. To hell with that! (more…)

Stay Up Late: Finding Time for Your Side Gig

The Web never sleeps. This very moment, even if you’re off into la-la land, people are visiting your website, absorbing your message, and considering the purchase of your affiliate products. (more…)

Affiliate Payment Types and Models: Your Choice Matters!

Affiliate marketing is divided into different affiliate payment types and models. Each presents a different direction with generating money from your promotions. New affiliate marketers generally focus on a commission model like Amazon Associates. We recommend this when beginning because it allows you to explore affiliate marketing. It's better to focus on the fundamentals than become too wrapped up in ideas. But: This dedication to a single model has risks and drawbacks. The effort you'll place into your affiliate campaign needs an ample reward. Sometimes there are better payouts when promoting different ad types. Imagine your shock to find you...