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Content creation and development Best Content Creation Services for Affiliate Marketing

No affiliate marketing project is complete without content. Content is what drives visitors to your site (like how you’re here now) through multiple channels whether that’s via social media shares, search results, or advertising. Content is the vehicle for your message and offer – it exhumes your brand, expertise, and...

Dead End Niche Blogging Dangers: 4 Opportunity Killing Outcomes Waiting To Happen

There are many reasons why you would want to find yourself in a niche with Affiliate Marketing: Less competition Unique products Defined audiences These are all great benefits but there are times when you may be tempted to take your niching too far. Doing so has you backing yourself into...

affiliate product reviews How to Quickly Create Money-Making Affiliate Product Reviews

Affiliate product reviews are like the bread and butter when it comes to earning a commission. Reviews work because you to show a product, explain its value, and tell a story how it affects your life. This gets people interested in the product -- if they buy, then you get...

How to Stop Content Skimming (and Get People to Read at a Snail’s Pace)

One of the issues we find as content creators is that many people skim through content. They’ll either: A. Just look at the URL or headline and deduct their own ideas B. Jump around and look past a lot of the smaller details we cover When people skim through the...

Content Formulas 3 Blog Content Formulas Guaranteed to Attract Visitors

Popular posts rely on content formulas because they have been successful time and time again. It’s why we see certain types of headlines come in “waves” while others remain staples no matter what the niche. If you've got a good headline... you've got a good idea for a post. Once...

Old Posts Finding Golden Affiliate Opportunities in Old Posts

It strikes me as odd that bloggers, site owners, and marketers all seem to have a mindset that content marketing is about fresh content. Without a doubt – adding fresh content to the site can pick up those search listings (especially if it’s playing into a trend or shift in...

Interviews How to Build Authority and Traffic with Interviews

Eric Gati has been on my radar so I got in touch to talk about using interviews to build authority. He started making big moves with his online projects. The sites really caught my attention. The blog I came to know him for is My4HourWorkWeek where he shares great tips...

User Submissions How to Encourage and Accept User Submissions

Opening your website to user submissions can be a great way to fill in the gaps between your regular content schedules. It also provides you a great way to introduce new topics to the community through a different set of eyes and expertise. Once your site has begun to build...

Content Frequency Content Frequency: We Answer “How Often Should I Publish a Blog?”

An age old debate I still see on a regular basis is the question of how frequently you should publish content to your website and its blog. I’m a firm believer in the idea of writing at least 500 words a day but this doesn’t mean each one of those...

writing consistently How to Write 500 Words a Day (Consistently)

Writing consistently does one of two things: Gets you awesome, steady traffic Gets you burnt out You can always find a debate about the frequency of blog publication, length, and the like... ...but when you get right down to it – I feel it’s far more important that you do...

Ubersuggest How to Use UberSuggest to Generate Endless Blog Post Ideas

I recently stumbled across a new tool that is changing the way I develop ideas for blog posts. The tool: UberSuggest. This tool is like Google Instant Search on steroids. It allows you to plug in a keyword (or phrase) and then it gives you a populated list of various...

social content What Buzzfeed, Upworthy, and Cracked can Teach You about Social Content

Buzzfeed, Upworthy, and Cracked are pretty dang great at crafting social content. The type of content that gets social media users buzzing. The type of content that challenges ideas. These blogs absolutely dominated the social media landscape. Since we first wrote this post we used these three as the big...

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Thinking about getting into blogging as a business? Or, want to use your business blog to build traffic, generate sales, and market authority?

Blogging is one of the best ways to build an audience and authority online.

With a blog, you’re sharing incredible information about topics you love or know. This not only gets found in search engines — sending traffic — but helps build a personal or business brand.

Over time, your blog can morph into anything you want it to be:

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The wonderful thing about blogging is anyone can do it.

Starting a blog is easier than ever, too. You can choose to set one up on your own (for free). Or, use free or paid blogging platforms allowing you to configure the design however you want!

What you’ll find in this section is a bit of everything about building and growing a blog. And, how to use a blog to drive people to your business. You’ll also learn ways to monetize your blog or use it as a platform to promote items and get paid!

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