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hard drive for web hosts Best Web Hosts for Affiliate Marketing

The task of building an affiliate marketing website is not complete without web hosts. Web hosting provides the backbone to the site. Solid web hosting improves the user experience by delivering content speedily. Better user experience equates to higher conversions. You see where this is going. Plus, there’s the benefit...

affiliate idea Best Domain Registration for Affiliate Marketing

Your journey into affiliate marketing begins with domain registration. It's this: The domain is your identity on the Web. A great domain increases your chances of ranking within search results. Memorable names stick with visitors well after they’ve left the site. It becomes synonymous with industry authority and makes it...

Conversion Friction Conversion Friction: This is Why You’re Getting Lousy Online Sales

Conversion friction happens when site visitors hits a page element that throws off their train of thought and experience. Friction slows (or prevents) an them from taking action... they experienced a disconnect. Image being pitched an amazing sounding product. You are pumped at the opportunities and value it has to...

bounce rate How to Decrease Your Bounce and Increase Site Time

A high bounce rate means people aren’t sticking around. A drop in your bounce rate will lead to higher profits. You can figure this because if someone is staying on your site longer then there’s a greater chance that they’re going to convert on one of your offers. Conversion optimization...

Leaving Websites 8 Reasons Why People are Leaving Your Website

A high bounce rate brings tears to our eyes. It tells us that we’re doing something wrong. We may not be able to appeal to everyone but since it’s such a high number there’s obviously something we could do better. When you reduce the bounce rate you’re effectively retaining those visitors....

Notifications The Value of Notification Bars, like Hellobar, and Some Alternatives

Hellobar is a plugin/script you’ve more than likely seen. It’s that branded bar that runs across the top of a website that generally displays important information such as a link to a newsletter, latest blog post, promotion, or whatever the site owner has it set to. This bar is very...

User Surveys How to Conduct User Surveys (and Make the Most of Them)

Surveys are a great way to cut straight through the noise and find out exactly what your site visitors truly want. Surveying gives you the ability uncover the hidden needs and desires. Once you understand these items you can make appropriate adjustments to your business and it’s these adjustments that...

Christmas Niche The Christmas Niche Blueprint: A Step-by-Step Guide for the Holidays

The Big One -- the Christmas Niche... (more…)

Cyber Monday Cyber Monday Niche Blueprint: Earn on the Biggest Online Shopping Day

Last year, according to Huffington Post, over $1.5 billion was spent during Cyber Monday. Now, that’s not nearly as much as you’d find during Black Friday. This continues to grow as more and more people become aware of the deals that happen the Monday after. One of the biggest benefits...

Black Friday Niche Blueprint The Black Friday Niche Blueprint

Black Friday, one of America’s largest shopping days, happens on November 29th. Last year, an estimated $59 billion was spent which can tell you that this is a prime opportunity to earn some big affiliate wins. Creating a niche affiliate site centered around Black Friday is a little difficult considering...

Thanksgiving Niche The Thanksgiving Niche Blueprint

Americans spend over $400 million on Thanksgiving (and that was in 2011 so we can expect it to increase with each passing year). What people buy isn’t just a big turkey but a variety of items from party supplies, bbq equipment, travel, pumpkins, and much more. Thanksgiving lands on Thursday,...

Halloween Niche The Halloween Niche Blueprint: A Scarily Good Opportunity

Halloween is such a fun holiday. This time also means people will be heading out to spend a ton of money on costumes, candy, party supplies, and more. Though it’s only a few weeks away it still gives us enough time to quickly put together a niche website and capitalize...

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