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Article Formatting How to Format Website Content to Increase Engagement

Believe it or not, people will skim through the content regardless of whether it’s extremely valuable to their immediate needs. It could be a life-changing idea but everyone jumps around when reading online text. The problem is skimming. Alot of your vital information (and call-to-actions) get passed over therefore you...

Monetize Blog When Should I Monetize My Blog? 5 Reasons to Hold Off (For Now)

Entering the world of Affiliate Marketing is a new, exciting venture with heaps of opportunity since you can begin making money based on any sort of interest, industry, or passion, but one of the largest mistake new marketers make is that they monetize too quickly for their own good. (more…)

Break From The Crowd Five Actions to Drastically Improve your Affiliate Website and Break from the Crowd

The website is the heart and center of an affiliate marketing business because it presents a hub to publish content, collect a community, and drive your marketing. Not having one, in this day and age, means you’re missing a great opportunity to grow and evolve your business. (more…)

Make Money with Content The Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing: Developing Money-Making Pages [Part 4]

It may seem like a stretch but your website content becomes a product and, simultaneously, a vehicle for distributing your message. That is a product in the sense that people find value in its information and a vehicle because it comes packaged with your affiliate promotions. The lucrative gain for...

Website Setup The Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing: The Complete Website Setup Guide [Part 2]

The process of setting up a website is easier than ever... (more…)

Woothemes WooThemes Review: WooCommerce, Themes, and Plugins

WooThemes is a premium Wordpress theme marketplace offering nearly one hundred+ beautiful, flexible designs Each theme comes packed with incredible features and topped with a thriving community with active customer support. Today, we’re sizing up WooThemes with a review. As someone who’s bought a handful of themes from the network,...

Sitemap Building Sitemap Building: Create a Website Sitemap for Google

A sitemap is something that helps search engines understand your website. It lets Google what pages on your site you want indexed. This makes it the easiest way of speaking with search engines directly. As we all know, being on good terms with search engines always works in your website’s...

The Hidden Psychology of Evoking Emotions with Words and Colors

When is the last time you saw an infomercial on TV? Think about what the last one was for and how it made you feel. It was probably a weight loss, exercise, hair, skin or any other type of product that first started out by making you feel bad for...

Understanding Content Marketing Understanding Content Marketing: The What, Why, and How

Understanding content marketing is easy once you understand how we use this incredible tool called the Internet. Content: it’s what you read, it’s what you hear, it’s what you watch, and it’s what you share. Content is the foundation of the Web -- it’s the core reason people use the...

Google Analytics Basics Google Analytics Basics: Understanding Analytics for Beginners

Are you using Google Analytics? Don't know how it works or how to read it? Google Analytics is a tool with a wide variety of features for website tracking. But, even this simple description doesn’t do the tool enough justice. To understand the power of Google Analytics, let’s examine its...

Content Management Systems What Content Management System (CMS) Is Best For You?

Product? Check. Website copy? Check. Design? Check. Launch, go! Wait a minute, hold your horses. Are you forgetting one of the biggest issues with websites from the very beginning? What happens if your business takes off and you suddenly need to add hundreds of pages to your website or make...

website design tips 6 Critical Website Design Tips for a Successful Site

Here are the website design tips you want to improve your site. Remove your web copy, killer product promotion, and authority and what you’re left with is your website design. Your design, at its core, has a lot more to do with conversions than you could have ever imagined. It’s...

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