Retail affiliate programs give access to a broad selection of brands and stores. This is an over-arching category comprised of businesses and companies occupying retail space. And, online stores. Partnering with big brands creates instant recognition and value. You’re promoting the everyday product and services people want, need, and already buy. Ready to start making money with retail promotions?

The Retail Affiliate Niche: What You Need to Know

The retail niche is massive… …really massive. We’re talking about trillions of dollars worldwide. This is the niche where you’ll find results just about any time you search “companies with affiliate programs” because they understand the value of referral & affiliate marketing. Chances are, there’s a program for it if it’s on the store shelves. And, if a brand doesn’t have a program… you’ll find a retailer program to fit your needs. This means you can sell anything from everyday goods and services to bicycles, camping equipment, computers, electronics, gizmos, and more. Look around your place and imagine what’s possible if you could promote every item you own!

The Retail Industry Stats: By the Numbers

We said massive because of these reasons:
  • Retail shopping rose 0.8 – 1.3 percent as of early 2018 (with 5.2% yearly)
  • Retail sales topped over $5.7 trillion just in the United States
  • 96% of adults and 95% of teens will do “retail therapy”
  • 50% of people will go out shopping on Black Friday
  • Total worldwide retail sales top $22 trillion (as of 2014)
…yeah, it’s big. Your average consumer will spend $1600+ a year on retail goods just to feel good. And, nearly every person in the U.S. took a trip to Walmart this past year. That’s consumerism for you – meaning you’re in a crazy good position to earn affiliate commissions promoting products found in these retail programs.

Why You Should Join Retail Affiliate Programs

Getting into the retail space lets you promote just about any product and category – like:
  • Consumer electronics
  • Fashion and accessories
  • Cosmetics
  • Furniture and home goods
  • Health and hygiene
  • Office supplies
  • Sports & activities
  • Leisure
  • Wholesale
…and the list goes on. Promoting whatever you (or your audience) likes is the main draw of joining retail programs. These programs will monetize any website or social feed. Once you’re in, you’ll have access to tons of supporting banners, data feeds, discounts, coupons, and more, to help your affiliate sales. This is also a promotion that’s natural (if you do it right). We:
  • Discuss products and services to others
  • Tag our purchase and outings on social
  • Review products (for free) on shopping platforms
We’re already promoting the stuff! Now, imagine getting paid every time someone likes what you’re saying and buys that product? That’s why you need to join retail affiliate programs.

How to Make Money with Retail Affiliate Offers and Promotions

How are people making money with these retail promotions? Easy ways:
  • Reviews
  • Mentions
  • Coupons
A review on your blog will get picked up in search and social. People finding and enjoying the review may decide to buy that item. Easy earnings! Mentions and coupons are a little subtle. But, pack a punch because they’re not overly promotional while also helping people find great options and save a bit of money. You’ll find many retail partnerships offering coupons to include on your site and feeds to up the engagement. Harder ways:
  • Niche sites
  • Partnerships
  • Sponsored content
These take extra effort to get ranked and seen by the online communities. But, these have a much longer shelf-life with your affiliate marketing. A niche site dedicated to a particular product or interest – matched with online marketing – becomes an excellent passive income earner. Things like partnerships and sponsored content get you in direct contact with brands. Here, brands will reach out to get you sharing their products with followers. Or, even provide free products to review on your site, social, and/or video channel. Here’s an example of how you could make money with retail promotions:
  1. Buy the product from your local retailer
  2. Use and get to know what makes the item unique and valuable
  3. Create a review on your site, then share it on social channels
  4. Include an affiliate link to the product page
  5. Create supporting content like tips and guides to better use the product
That’s it! Repeat this for other products you buy (or more in the same category). Before long you’ll have a bunch of review pages and content sending sales through your retail affiliate link. How much can you make as a retail affiliate? The sky’s the limit. You’ll find a lot of programs offering between 5 – 10% commissions. This adds up when promoting higher-end products. If you sold one $100 product a day, you’d earn $5-$10 or almost $300 a month!

Is Retail Affiliate Marketing Right for You?

The short answer: Yes. The long answer: Yeeeeeeeesssss. Retail affiliate programs let you promote just about any product you find in-stores and online. These are the products people already buy – so there’s no real challenge convincing someone to try brands they don’t know and understand. It doesn’t matter the site or social: If you mention a product then you can make money promoting it. Your use of these products and services already makes you the expert. All you need to do is craft some great content and help people understand its value. You get to leverage all the discussions and hype around the product, too, making it an easy sell to a community already ready to buy it. Look below at our retail affiliate program directory and partner with brands you love. No doubt, you’ll begin making money with your website promoting these excellent brands!
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