Free Tools to Help You Create Great Visual Content

Visual content is where it’s at.

A picture of a grumpy cat, stunning infographics, wallpapers, beautiful scenery, pictures of food, and the like are all easy-to-share pieces of media.

What better way to spread your message and brand than through something visual?

You don’t have to spend a few hours writing content, shooting video, or recording audio.

You could snap a few pictures or screenshots and have it spread like crazy.

Of course, adding a little flair can definitely help which is why we’ve done a round-up of free tools to help you create great visual content.

Pixlr is an online version of Photoshop.

If you haven’t used PS because of the price or because it felt intimidating than Pixlr is for you.

The online tool has just about all the same features as you’d find in Photoshop with the ability to draw, erase, create shapes, layer, sample, smudge, and many other built-in effects. It’s incredible how extensive this tool is considering that it’s all done online … and free.

Overall, if you need to do touch-ups on pictures or create something fresh than Pixlr is right up your alley.

Notable Features

  • Basically all the features you’d find in Photoshop
  • Accessible online
  • Create, import, or open images from multiple sources
  • Mobile-ready version is a free online tool that gives you all the design and options for creating infographics.

The tool is great for those that don’t have a heavy background in graphic design. All you really need to do is start off with some good data related to your industry, use the built-in features and designs, and export the content. You can even automate the embed code.

Infographics are a great way to spread your expertise, build authority, and create backlinks for your website; if you want to gain these benefits but feel intimidated by creating the designs than check into for a quick start.

Notable Features

  • Completely online
  • Various chart types to choose from
  • Download or share your infographics online


Chances are that you’ve already used or at least seen what’s possible with Instagram.

The social network/image editing app is a great way to spice up your images with numerous effects to choose from. You don’t have to use the app as a network – just tap into its editing capabilities to add a little flair to otherwise boring images.

But … if you are going to use this than you may as well make the most of it.

Start sharing images and creating a following on the network. Try out the video part of it. Leave comments. Get that picture over to your website. Have fun.

Notable Features

  • Has a massive user based
  • Find and create great looking pictures or video
  • Share your visual content all over social networks

The Leap to Visual

It’s very easy to become consumed with pumping out written content because it only requires your ability to transform ideas and expertise onto the screen.

Visual media, on the other hand, takes a keen eye for design and requires the use of tools to get the job done.

However, it’s totally worth spending the time to learn these types of tools especially since visual media spreads like wildfire.

Take an afternoon to learn some design basics and try your hand at graphics – it’s worth it – it’ll drive your business.