Prime Day: Easy Commissions for Amazon Associates

Amazon’s Prime Day starts July 16th, 2018.

The event lasts for 36-hours.

Big opportunities are in store for Amazon Associate partners.

Thousands of deals and deep discounts happen during this time creating a flurry of buying activity.

In fact, Amazon earned over $1 billion during their prior Prime Day.

This revenue beat Black Friday and Cyber Monday meaning big potential if you’re an Amazon Associates partner.

Looking for promotional ideas during the Prime Day event? Read on.

The Best Products to Promote on Prime Day

It’s no surprise Amazon’s product line are some of the heaviest hitters on Prime Day. This includes Amazon’s Echo, Echo Dot, Kindle, and Amazon services.

BusinessInsider collected the top 17 most popular products from 2017 – ranking them as:

  1. Amazon Echo
  2. Amazon Echo Dot
  3. Instant Pot
  4. TechMatte Magnetic Car Mount
  5. Fire HD Tablets
  6. SanDisk 32GB Memory Card
  7. Sony XB950B1

…and the rest if you want to check the rest in their roundup.

Prime Day Growth

This event is getting bigger and bigger.

There’s no real “best” product(s) to promote during Prime Day since Amazon Associates pays for a visitor’s entire transaction. Get them onto Amazon through your affiliate link with a neat deal and you’ll likely pick up extra sales as they go through buying up what they can and want.

How to Promote Prime Day Lightning Deals

The lightning deals happen frequently giving a small window for people to buy items at a crazy good discount. These sell out fast meaning you’ll want to be at your workstation during the promotions.

Here’s how we’d recommend promoting the lightning deals:

  • Email Newsletter Updates – With Amazon open on one screen and your newsletter on the other, you could send timely updates to your email marketing list. We’d recommend curating the selection not to overwhelm followers. Stick to the biggest and best promotions you notice matching the newsletter subscriber audience.
  • Live Blogging – Live blogging is likely your easiest opportunity when marketing Prime Day offers since it keeps a running tab of what’s listed and what’s selling out. This is accomplished with manually updating a blog post in real-time. And, sharing the post with each new update. Or, you could use the sidebar to display these updates for sitewide exposure.
  • Prep Work – If you’re stellar at SEO then you could create dedicated pages/reviews for the popular items before Prime Day starts. This gets the pages indexed and in your social sharing queue. Some will go as far as building entire micro sites around these flash/lighting deals capitalizing on the flurry of interest during this sales window.

You’ve got to be on top of your affiliate marketing game to get these deals out there. There are thousands of other Amazon Associates doing the same thing. And, promotions from the Amazon sellers and big, branded sites, too.

Generic Amazon Prime Day Affiliate Promotions

Don’t want to sit at the computer all day trying to manually update feeds as deals come through? Try one of the following to get the referral sales flowing:

  • Roundups – You can check some of the Prime Day previews on Amazon’s site and through other discount shopping sites. Replicate the roundup on your site giving a picture, overview, and link to the product page you know going live this sales day.
  • Rework/Re-up Reviews – Got any old reviews of products listed on Amazon? There’s a chance it’ll go on sale again! You could update listing with a blurb saying it’s on sale helping you get a few extra clicks if it’s still receiving traffic.
  • Pre-Sell – Prime Day is for Prime subscribers only so this is a great time to talk about the Amazon Prime program and get people signed up. Many people will sign up the day before which gives you just enough time with Amazon Associates 24-hour affiliate cookie.

And, of course, do your usual mix of social media promotion and instant traffic generation tactics.

If you’ve got the time…

  • Create Videos – YouTube is a major driver of the Prime Day promotions. Consider turning content into a video. Or, even live streaming deals you’re finding throughout the day. You could likely create these videos all in one go with a long shot then slicing it down into smaller videos for the event day.
  • Create Variety – Remember, you’ll start earning no matter how people get to Amazon if they’re clicking your affiliate link. This is a perfect time to show multi-point pricing through comparisons and guides. This captures people at different economic standings but ultimately funnels them to the site helping you earn.

What else could you do?

  • Create a “Prime Day Party” helping friends and family find the best deals in real-time
  • Promote better offers on other competing sites as a Walmart or eBay affiliate
  • Encourage your followers to do their big, holiday shopping during the event
  • Curating and fine-tuning the selection with personal recommendations for your niche

Get Ready for Prime Day Affiliate Opportunities

There’s plenty of time leading up and during Prime Day to get promotions going.

Not all categories pay-out as an Amazon Associates but people will stick around for multiple deals. This gives you plenty of opportunities to make a few affiliate commissions in this 36-hour shopping spree.

See what you can make of it.