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Overlooked Social Media Platforms Overlooked Social Platforms (You’d Be Crazy To Ignore)

Authority comes to those that willing to share their best advice - even on the overlooked social channels. It's why we hear the phrase “move the free line” in affiliate marketing. People place their trust in those that have delivered value. Over time, this becomes authority. With authority comes massive...

Larger Facebook Audience 8 Easy Social Media Strategies for Growing (and Reaching) a Larger Facebook Audience

Reaching a larger Facebook audience is an immensely rewarding. It's an investment for your online projects -- bringing: Traffic generation Audience feedback Finding (and researching) competitors Discovering new interests (and ideas) Direct sales Facebook has been around for some time but it’s still a difficult platform to conquer due to...

YouTube Video Traffic YouTube Traffic Generation: A Beginner Guide to Video Production on a Budget

Why do so few affiliate marketers shy from the video medium and YouTube traffic generation? After all, YouTube is one of the most trafficked websites in the world. (more…)

social media tools Best Social Media Tools for Affiliate Marketing

Social media changed the way we do business. It gave the ability to connect with others on an open platform in ways never seen before. The platforms have evolved and so has its users -- social is now a dominant reason why we connect to the Web. Affiliate marketing has...

Fear of Missing Out Is the Fear of Missing Out Preventing Your Success?

The fear of missing out (FOMO) is that feeling when you see others doing interesting activities and the dread you won't have that same opportunity. Pretty straightforward, right? It’s that type of feeling you get when you’re sitting at home on a Friday night and all you see is your...

Branding The Best Brand Awareness Infographic You’ll See All Day

What does your brand say about you business? Better yet ... do you even have a brand people are talking about? You can sell all the products you want but if someone mistakes you for one of your competitors -- it's kind of moot, isn't it? Like how we say...

Affiliate Marketer Six Subreddits Ideal for the Affiliate Marketer

Reddit is one of the most popular websites on the Internet. When you look at Reddit it’s best to think of it as individual communities united under one brand. The “subreddits” act a lot like their own entities. You can find just about any type of subreddit out there whether...

Professional Network 4 Business Opportunities Found In Your Professional Network

You are bound to develop a professional network as an entrepreneur. These relationships are very, very valuable, mostly because you have access to their insights and expertise. You also will find a helping hand when you’re in need or a way to grow your business through their help. The problem...

blog comments Don’t Get Too Wrapped up with Blog Comments

Blog comments are one of the first methods of contact you have with you and the community... ...and vice versa when commenting to others. The built-in comment systems and third-party platforms provide a great opportunity to gain feedback, share expertise, and generate discussions. However, it’s very easy to become consumed...

Authority How to Build Authority and Influence Through Brand Association

Ideas are everywhere; they’re spawned from even the slightest influence. Distilling ideas into action form the basis of acquiring knowledge – you find an objective and do whatever it takes to reach your goal; along the way, you learn a thing or two. Compared to others not yet on this...

online contests The Low-Budget Guide to Online Contests

Online contests are a great way to bring attention to your affiliate marketing brand. (more…)

Buffer The Beginners Guide to Buffer: Automate Your Social Media

Automation in your social media can keep you away from divulging too much time into a platform. This lets you can best keep your attention on the bigger projects and opportunities. Not all social media should be automated. But... An active stream is very important for delivering value to your...

About Social Media Marketing

Do I need to do social media marketing?

Social media marketing is a broad term covering all types of content and interaction you’d have on the Web.

It used to mean using social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and others. But, has since evolved to incorporate so much more from the customer experience to real-world outreach.

What’s the underlying factors with social media marketing?

  • Have something interesting to share
  • Get it in front of the right influencers and audience
  • Engage with customers and the community

Social media is meant to be fun. It’s to connect with your audience. It’s creating a dialog and using that interaction to tailor experiences. This lets you build a brand — one people want to follow. One people buy from.

You may have attempted social media marketing and failed. We’re here to help you get back on track. In this section, you’ll find hundreds of tutorials, guides, and resources for getting the most from your social media.