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Social Traffic How to Get Social Media Traffic in 3 Simple Steps (Based on Best Practices)

There are many ways to get a ton of social media traffic. Though, most will deliver fake clicks and no engagement. If you’re willing to put in the effort, then these techniques will work for you. The process will: Reduce low-quality pages on your site Help you earn social media...

Traffic Generation Tips Website Traffic Generation: 10 Ways to Get Visitors Fast

Is the online community treating your site like a lingering fart? They catch wind of your work and immediately do a 180? All that hard effort building it -- with nothing to show. Wouldn't it be great if your website traffic generation started working within moments of trying the strategy? You considered...

YouTube Video Traffic YouTube Traffic Generation: A Beginner Guide to Video Production on a Budget

Why do so few affiliate marketers shy from the video medium and YouTube traffic generation? After all, YouTube is one of the most trafficked websites in the world. The video medium is one of the most engaging forms of online marketing. Perhaps the biggest reason most affiliate marketers withhold from...

social media tools Best Social Media Tools for Affiliate Marketing

Social media changed the way we do business. It gave the ability to connect with others on an open platform in ways never seen before. The platforms have evolved and so has its users -- social is now a dominant reason why we connect to the Web. Affiliate marketing has...

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Website Community Building Website Community Building: How to Create a Following (From Scratch)

A website (read: business) community is truly invaluable. A community has many inherent benefits; these come as a “bonus” such as content creation, brand awareness, and feedback (though these aren’t the only ones). (more…)

Small Business Facebook Marketing Guide The Small Business Facebook Marketing Guide (2018)

This is it... our small business Facebook marketing guide. Why did we create this? Simply for this reason: Social media, especially Facebook, create an inexpensive opportunity to reach members of your community, share content, and cultivate sales. (more…)

Lead Generation Basics Lead Generation Basics: A Primer of Ideas and Techniques

We want to talk about the lead generation basics. No, not some mega-long post explaining every little detail. Instead, we want to give you the basics. The ideas and techniques to spur your interest in lead generation. Why? Leads are the fuel that keeps your business booming. Lead generation, the process of obtaining...

Twitter Chats Why Affiliates Should Host Twitter Chats

Twitter chats and the platform is one of the greatest, free marketing tools available to affiliate marketers. Twitter gives you the instant connection to followers and interested parties which, in all, has the potential for incredible opportunities for your business growth. When it comes to Twitter: consistency is key. Twitter...

Twitter Advertising Twitter Advertising: How to Reach and Engage Your Audience

Thinking about exploring Twitter advertising? Even though Twitter is a social media platform, meant to be a place where people can interact, it can also be used as an advertising and marketing platform. That said, there are marketers who know how to make Twitter work for them, and there are...

facebook ads campaign Creating Your First Facebook Ads Campaign

Have you tried a Facebook ads campaign? If not, you should! With billions of users and one of the best self-serve ad platforms, it would be ignorant to not advertising on one of the largest sites in the world! In this post, we will break down the process of creating...

About Social Media Marketing

Do I need to do social media marketing?

Social media marketing is a broad term covering all types of content and interaction you’d have on the Web.

It used to mean using social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and others. But, has since evolved to incorporate so much more from the customer experience to real-world outreach.

What’s the underlying factors with social media marketing?

  • Have something interesting to share
  • Get it in front of the right influencers and audience
  • Engage with customers and the community

Social media is meant to be fun. It’s to connect with your audience. It’s creating a dialog and using that interaction to tailor experiences. This lets you build a brand — one people want to follow. One people buy from.

You may have attempted social media marketing and failed. We’re here to help you get back on track. In this section, you’ll find hundreds of tutorials, guides, and resources for getting the most from your social media.