The goal of a marketer isn’t to simply pass off a lead, cross fingers, and hope there is a conversion; it’s one thing to drive traffic to an offer and it’s completely opposite when you’re actively trying to improve the conversion before it takes place.

The following lists out three different methods increase the chances that you’ll sell more offers so you’re not left constantly scraping for fresh visitors, and so you get the most from what you’ve got.

#1: Display Related Items

Consider tweaking your affiliate site to have an “ecommerce appeal” in which products you recommend are shown through big features with pictures, video, and descriptions. Then, alongside these big features, display related items through a small image, headline, and description blurb.

Those individuals managing their way through your site will have the option to compare and contrast products/services which lowers their need to back out of the site to go elsewhere; this will certainly help with improving commissions.

To do this:

1. Set a criteria and category for a product

2. Find and match similar/complimentary products to the former

3. Create a new “ecommerce-style” page for this other product

4. Use the WSYWIG editor in your theme (or hard coding) to display the item features

5. Track analytics for click through and conversions between the pages

If you’ve displayed “related posts” than you’re already 90% prepared to display related products.

#2: Leverage the Trends

Trends can go two ways:

  • Skyrocket in popularity and profitability
  • Tank and leave the public’s eye

What you’d want to do is find the first, obviously.

To take advantage of these trends all you will need to do is visit a site like Google Trends and input keywords related to your niche, and pay acute attention to the history and current attention it receives within the trend graph.

If you’re having a hard time keeping your finger on the “pulse” of the industry than consider:

  • Attending seminars and conferences by thought leaders
  • Following forums
  • Conducting regular interviews with up-and-comers

What you need to do is create an information network of your own; when you hear of a new product, technology, news piece, or gossip, than jump back to the trend tools, see where it’s going, jump in and start promoting, and ride the wave to prosperity.

#3: Embrace a Responsive Design

Almost 50% of adults own a smartphone whereas just over 30% have tablets; if that doesn’t paint the picture for you than you’re the one missing out on an immense amount of mobile traffic.

You may be reading this from your phone this very minute!

When we talk about the ability to easily display your website/app on any device we’re talking about a responsive layout. You may notice this on some of the bigger sites when you visit the pages between a desktop, phone, and then on a tablet (if you have all three).

For your entry into responsive layout, you’ve got two options:

  • Use a fresh design that includes a responsive layout
  • Rework your existing layout (coding) and/or use a mobile conversion service

One network you could check to get started with these new layouts is one we’ve reviewed before: Envato. You can find plenty of mobile-friendly themes and plugins to make the site responsive. The other alternative is to use a conversion service like DudaMobile or; these will take your existing design, convert them, and allow you to make additional tweaks so it’s mobile-ready.

In all, you can’t afford to pass up on this great opportunity if all it takes is a small theme conversion or a few site tweaks – – you’re missing out on a lot of conversions if you’re not catering to mobile devices.


To be honest: it doesn’t require a major commitment to increase conversions on your offers.

Take a look back through this list and ask “how long would this really take me to implement?”

You’d be surprise but most will be less than a few hours; an afternoon working on one of the items, on this list, could be the thing you’ve been needing to boost that online income so give them a try, test them, and keep up with what works.