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Writing SEO Friendly Posts The 7 Steps to Writing SEO Friendly Content

SEO-friendly content gets more traffic... and this means more actions (like sales). You want that, right? Let's get into it. Step 1: Choose the Topic’s Difficulty Difficulty depends on: Keyword Competition You could attempt to capture single-keyword topics but you’re up against big brands with huge budgets. Instead, I’d recommend...

Website Traffic Check List The Website Traffic Checklist: More Visitors, Shares, and Sales

We’ve created a website traffic checklist. We could go on-and-on about different traffic generation strategies – explaining each – but you’re a busy person. In fact, you may know how it’s done… it’s the timing and routine that’s the hard part. This website traffic checklist is to streamline your ability...

Search Engine Optimization Tools Best Search Engine Optimization Tools for Affiliate Marketing

Like domains and web hosting – websites need search engine optimization. SEO, for those entirely new to this all, is the strategic application of search ranking tactics. The tactics are applied on two fronts: On-site Off-site On-site consists of using strong keywords & phrase to help search engines understand the...

Broken Links How to Find Broken Links on Your Website (the Easy Way)

Broken links are like SEO vampires. They suck away your potential to keep visitors engaged. They reduce your chance to convert offers. Over time, websites become massive so it becomes very easy to break quite a few links. If you're lucky, you'll receive an email from someone saying the link...

Small Communities Conversion Matters: How a Passionate Following Outweighs Big Stats

Conversion matters when you have a small, passionate community. It’s easy to get wrapped up with chasing big numbers. (more…)

seo website blueprint This SEO Website Blueprint Dominates Search

Does your business operate using an SEO website blueprint? Probably not. (more…)

Link Building Primer How To Get Started With Link Building: A Basic Primer

Do you need a link building primer? Something to help introduce the concept of building backlinks? Most importantly... what is link building? Well, there are a couple of answers to this question. First of all, link building is the practice of getting links on other sites that are pointing back to...

keyword universe 10 Easy (But Powerful) Steps to Create a Keyword Universe

Keyword universe isn’t just a cool sounding internet marketing fad name … it’s a real thing. Just to give you a simple definition: Your keyword universe is the total number of keywords and keyphrases you track (or want to track) that bring traffic to your website. This means that your...

Dangerous Worst Black Hat SEO Tricks (That’ll Land You in Hot Water)

Feeling tempted to try Black Hat SEO tricks? Don't. This article is a lot different than other tutorials you can find here on AffiliatePrograms.com. This is a “never do” tutorial, which means that the techniques described here are for educational purposes only. We’re describing them so you can be aware...

Long Tail Keywords Double Your Traffic: How to Find and Use Long Tail Keywords and Phrases

Long tail keywords are the solution to the biggest problem when starting online: Getting noticed. (more…)

About Search Engine Optimization

Want to learn search engine optimization the easy way?

Search engine optimization is about applying techniques and strategies to help your website (or online platform) get found in search engines.

Google, being the top player, is your main focus. Placement as #1 for a keyword/phrase could give your business the break it needs to succeed. But, getting there is a tiring, on-going battle.

There are hundreds of search ranking factors. And, quite honestly, no one can say them all since Google keeps them an industry secret. We can use best practices to help your websites get traffic, though.

The main techniques typically include:

  • On-page SEO where you’ll fix and improve the fundamentals
  • Link building to gain ranking signals from other, reputable sites
  • Social media influence and popularity leading to higher awareness

Simply put: Create a strong site, fill it with great content, get people to link to it, and promote it like crazy!

We’ll show you how to do all these and more with our extensive set of tutorials, guides, tips, and resources for search engine optimization.