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Grammarly Grammarly: A Must-Have Tool for Blog Content Creators

This post includes affiliate links. There are two tools I use when creating blog content: Grammarly HemmingwayApp Grammarly fixes my writing mistakes. HemmingwayApp makes content easier to read. Use both and you’ve got all you need to create better blog content. Typos and grammar mistakes aren’t the end of the...

Google Webmaster Tools - Search Console Basics Google’s Webmaster Tools (Search Console): The Best Parts

This isn’t a complete guide to Google Webmaster Tools (aka Search Console). It’s an overview sharing its best bits. Plus, how you can use it to improve your website and marketing efforts. Submitting Your Site to Google for Faster Indexing Launched a site? Get it submitted to Google. Google will...

Social Media Username Search How to Use a Social Media Name Checker to Lockdown Your Profiles

You’ve got a business idea and you’ve got a name for the brand. You register the domain and business aaaaand…. Oh phooey! Someone already has your name on social media sites. Looks like that Facebook page is no good. Gah! Someone also has it on Twitter, too! Surely Instagram? Nope,...

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar News SEO Toolbox: The Ahrefs SEO Toolbar is Back in Action

The Ahrefs SEO toolbar is available again after shuttering from a prior Google update. The toolbar provides competitive analysis and SEO metrics in Google SERPs and on-page. What is this thing and why should you care? Well… What is Ahrefs? Ahrefs is one of several industry-renowned SEO tools professionals include...

Google Alerts How to Track Your Brand’s Mentions with Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a handy tool to watch your name online, so you don’t miss opportunities to build or manage your brand’s reputation. It’s also handy for spying on the competition. The tool provides mentions as they come through or a daily/weekly roundup. The use case we’re talking about is...

GoDaddy Review GoDaddy Review: Should You Use Them for Domains?

Are you considering GoDaddy as your domain name registrar? Murray, our Lead Editor, shares his review of GoDaddy. Is it the right for you? Read on. I’ve used GoDaddy for a dozen domain names throughout the years. Each time I haven’t had an issue except one time renewing an expired domain...

Swipe File How to Create a Swipe File to Inspire Business Creativity

A swipe file is literally a file containing inspiring content. Think of them like a designer's mood board. Or, an inspiration board. Copywriters use them all the time. You can use them, too! We're going to take you through the process of creating swipe files for business. This will include...

Envato Market Review Envato Market Review: The Best Place to Buy Digital Marketing Assets?

The Envato Market offers an array of digital marketing assets at affordable prices. We've used many products from the marketplace throughout the years. This includes banner and ebook templates to stock photography and website themes. These items have proved incredible for realizing ideas without the hefty costs and delayed launch found...

Affiliate Links Affiliate Links: Where to Get Them, How to Add Them

Let’s talk about affiliate links. (more…)

Business Plan How to Write a Business Plan: A Step-by-Step Guide

You need a business plan. This is the document used to navigate your entrepreneurial future. You’ll operate aimlessly without one. This article explains how to write a business plan. (more…)

Search Engine Optimization Tools Best Search Engine Optimization Tools for Affiliate Marketing

Like domains and web hosting – websites need search engine optimization. SEO, for those entirely new to this all, is the strategic application of search ranking tactics. The tactics are applied on two fronts: On-site Off-site On-site consists of using strong keywords & phrase to help search engines understand the...

web design tools Best Site Building & Design Tools for Affiliate Marketing

The website. Where would affiliate marketing be without one? Today, you can build an affiliate business without the use of one (mainly relying on email and social) but considering how easy they’re to build with the use of web design tools… why wouldn’t you? The website offers too many benefits...

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