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Bluehost vs Hostgator Bluehost vs HostGator: I’ve Used Both, Here’s My Review

For the past few years, I’ve been using Bluehost for my online projects. I wanted to get a real feel for their services to provide you with a better comparison. Prior, HostGator was my preferred hosting service. I used both for niche affiliate sites for my personal portfolio and blog....

Cheap Domains These 3 Registrars Have the Cheapest Domain Names

You got to have that domain before someone grabs it. You’re itching to get something started because you’ve found that perfect domain name. Then you realize you have a couple of dozen domains and things are getting costly with the renewals. Is this you? Because it sure is me! The...

Namecheap How to Buy and Register Domain Names with Namecheap

I’ve always used GoDaddy to buy domains but Namecheap quickly won me over. It’s like night and day. The pricing is great, and the buying process is non-confrontational. I can quickly search for domains, buy one, and have it routed to a new WordPress blog in minutes. Their customer service...

how coupon blogs make money How Free Coupon Blogs Make Money: A Look into the Best Coupon Websites

How can you create a profitable coupon blog when there are so many competitors? Does the couponing niche have space for another player like yourself? What are existing coupon blogs doing that’s making them so much money? So many questions! We’ve kept our eyes on coupon blogs because they’re a...

Coupon Blog How to Start a Coupon Blog and Make Money: Step-by-Step

Coupon blogs have been killin’ it in the affiliate marketing space, so it’s no wonder why you’ve taken an interest. We all search Google for coupons before confirming our purchases. Some savvy shoppers have toolbars, browser extensions, and apps to automate their coupon clipping. Why not be a coupon provider and...

Domain Name Brainstorming How to Find a Domain Name You Won’t Regret

Why did we choose AffiliatePrograms.com? What were the intentions behind Wirecutter, Forbes, or Reddit? How is it that you easily remember Buzzfeed or Facebook? Domain names are more than a website address – it’s a brands, it’s a strategy, it’s a missions. Coming up with a good domain name is...

GoDaddy Review GoDaddy Review: Should You Use Them for Domains?

Are you considering GoDaddy as your domain name registrar? Murray, our Lead Editor, shares his review of GoDaddy. Is it the right for you? Read on. I’ve used GoDaddy for a dozen domain names throughout the years. Each time I haven’t had an issue except one time renewing an expired domain...

Car Blog Start a Car Blog: A Guide for Automotive Enthusiasts

How awesome would it be to start a car blog? (more…)

Envato Market Review Envato Market Review: The Best Place to Buy Digital Marketing Assets?

The Envato Market offers an array of digital marketing assets at affordable prices. We've used many products from the marketplace throughout the years. This includes banner and ebook templates to stock photography and website themes. These items have proved incredible for realizing ideas without the hefty costs and delayed launch found...

Google AdSense The Ultimate Google AdSense Guide (2018 Edition)

Google AdSense gives you a great way to monetize your website with text and display ads. If you’ve got the traffic & topics and follow this AdSense guide, then you’ve got a revenue stream. (more…)

Hide Affiliate Links How To Hide Affiliate Links: An Easy Way to Cloak Links

Why would you want to hide affiliate links? If you know what cloaking affiliate links mean then chances are you’ve been in the affiliate marketing game for a while now… And if you don’t then here’s a quick explanation: Cloaking affiliate links, or hiding affiliate links, is the practice of...

Video Game Website How to Start a Video Game Website

Start a video game website sounds awesome, doesn’t it? It’s probably because you get paid to talk about your love of gaming. It’s also probably because you want to give back to the community. Whatever the reason, it’s an awesome idea. That’s not to say you won’t have challenges when...

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