Make Money with Information Products: Step-by-Step Guide

Information products. Or, infoproducts. Whatever you want to call them. These are the digital assets many entrepreneurs use to build email lists, create market authority, and earn a few bucks. You've probably read articles about how people make a living writing ebooks. Or, maybe you've bought an online course from a favorite blogger. The concept behind information products aren't foreign -- you, too, could create these digital goods with some dedication and a helpful guide. There isn't too big a difference between the great content you're creating now and getting it bundled for online sales. Need some good information product...

Make Money as a Digital Landlord with Events & Guides

In the big cities is very easy to keep up-to-date with the local events. There are countless magazines, news sources, flyers, meetups, FB invites, flash organizations, and the like, to keep you in the know about what’s going on. But when you start to get away from the cities you don’t see a whole lot of coverage of smaller events and it’s this void of coverage where you can step in, become a digital landlord, and make some good money - you get to carve out a niche in your hometown. Here’s how you can build up local events &...

Create a Kindle Ebook by Repurposing Blog Content

Right now, you’re sitting on a mountain of great content that could become a kindle ebook. Having it only on your website or in your email list is truly stifling your ability to make the most of your assets. (more…)

How to Create a Location Independent Lifestyle Business

Ever since Tim Ferriss drummed excitement about a four hour work week, we’ve been hearing about the thrill of the location independent lifestyle. The idea that, with the aid of the Web, you’re no longer bound by physical borders when operating a business which means you can work anywhere in the world – on your own terms. Four hours a week aside, a hard realization came upon most affiliate marketers, freelancers, and website owners at a rapid pace: it’s hard. (more…)

Diversify Your Business: Creating Verticals

New verticals will diversify your business. They also create new ways to make money. Every business can expand and grow, rapidly, when the people behind it have an open mind. And, drive to leverage verticals into profitable opportunities. This article will share the process of identifying, testing and launching new verticals to diversify your business potential. How to Identify a Potential Vertical Identification of a potential vertical is the first step as you diversify your business. Verticals are present in every business but are only noticed under a keen eye or fresh insight from community members. Verticals come in many...