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PPC Advertising Best PPC Advertising Tools for Affiliate Marketing

You’ve got a great offer – one you can back. But: Despite you’re having trouble creating those all-important sales. What gives! The affiliate marketing space is saturated. It’s a blessing and a curse because it reaffirms your thoughts about the offer being profitable (why else would people put their time...

writing ads How To Write and Place Google Ads

The Google Advertising Network is one of the largest advertising platform on the web. Any usage of a Google product, whether it be the search engine, Android apps, or Google Maps, will display advertisements created by big and small advertisers. The reach of the Google Ad Network is your gain;...

PPC Your 1st Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign: Step-by-Step Guide

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is an online advertising format that gives you control over your online marketing. Yet, it doesn’t come with the heavy price tag of running full media campaigns. You get to determine the price for each advertisement based on a cost-per-click basis. In this article, you will learn the...

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Thinking about starting a paid advertising campaign?

Paid advertising can be a scary investment. Inexperienced businesses and entrepreneurs quickly burn through ad spend when they fail to understand the platforms, audience, and pricing. This creates a distaste leaving many business owners throwing advertising out the window.


Those that do understand paid advertising make incredible returns.

There are many ad platforms to explore from Google AdWords and Facebook to niche networks and sponsored listings. There are several factors in play, too, such as your choice of copy, creative, and landing page.

We’ve condensed our knowledge into easy-to-understand guides to help you navigate the paid ad marketplace. Below, you’ll find everything you need to learn the platforms, create your first campaigns, and grow with advertising.

Not only that… but we’re sharing tools, resources, and examples to lower costs while earning more from your advertising efforts. Browse our content, below, to master the many types of online advertising.