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Facebook Fans 7 Authentic Ways to Get Real Facebook Fans and Followers

You want to get Facebook followers fast, don’t you? You’re looking for that super-secret hack. A way to get followers and a ton of likes without doing anything, huh? Well… Go somewhere else. This post is about building a true following for your Facebook business page. You’ll find a set...

Make Money On Facebook Make Money on Facebook: 10 Ways to Monetize Facebook

You have a personal Facebook account. You may have a Facebook business page, too. Until now, you’ve used the platform to share content in hopes it gets people to your website. Or, at least getting them in touch with you for services or direct sales. You’re getting a couple likes...

Facebook Boosted Posts Facebook Boosted Posts: How to Promote a Post on Facebook

A Facebook boosted post is an easy way to get in front of your followers and Facebook users. This promotional effort is about as cheap as it gets while offering a maximum return. (more…)

Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing: The Only Guide You Need

Social media marketing is the holy grail of lead generation. Social platforms from Facebook to LinkedIn provide free access to your market and industry. These platforms include extensive tools to build a following, share content, and bring people back to your site. We’re guessing you’ve tried social media before and...

YouTube Channel How to Create a Wildly Successful YouTube Channel

Does your business have a YouTube channel? If not, it should! Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day. Your business could be a part of that viewership if you're willing to create a YouTube channel. With it comes sales opportunities, brand building, and business feedback. Here's the thing:...

Online Community How to Build an Online Community: Best Practices

Online community building should be one of your biggest objectives. Why? You can have an awesome product. You can have a great service. You could have exceptional customer service, too. But: It's hard for any of these to get notice if the community doesn't have your back. Building an online...

Facebook Content Ideas 32 Creative Facebook Content Ideas to Boost Engagement

Looking for Facebook content ideas? We’ve got 32 for you to try. These are the content types that’ll improve shares, likes, and comments. Plus, give you a chance to pitch products and services. Sound good? Let’s get to it… (more…)

Email List How To Use Facebook to Build and Grow Your Email List

Do you want to know how to build your email list with Facebook marketing? Looking for a way to collect email addresses from a Facebook page? Facebook commands the lion’s share of social media users. Siphoning just a fraction of Facebook users into your email list can create an immense opportunity...

Create a Facebook Cover Photo How to Create an Awesome Facebook Cover Photo [Bonus: Free Cover Template]

The Facebook cover photo says a lot about your page and brand. It’s a billboard in the simplest sense. You can use the cover photo to share ideas, promote new offers, or set the tone for what followers can expect from your Facebook page. This is all part of what...

Facebook Business Page How to Create a Facebook Business Page: A Visual Step-by-Step Tutorial

You need to create a Facebook business page. This isn’t up for debate. More than two billion people on the network are within reach. Facebook becomes your second home to promote business, offer products and/or services, and gather vital feedback. Not having one is like attending a business meeting and...

Social Traffic How to Get Social Media Traffic in 3 Simple Steps (Based on Best Practices)

There are many ways to get a ton of social media traffic. Though, most will deliver fake clicks and no engagement. If you’re willing to put in the effort, then these techniques will work for you. The process will: Reduce low-quality pages on your site Help you earn social media...

Traffic Generation Tips Website Traffic Generation: 10 Ways to Get Visitors Fast

Is the online community treating your site like a lingering fart? They catch wind of your work and immediately do a 180? All that hard effort building it -- with nothing to show. Wouldn't it be great if your website traffic generation started working within moments of trying the strategy? You considered...

About Social Media Marketing

Do I need to do social media marketing?

Social media marketing is a broad term covering all types of content and interaction you’d have on the Web.

It used to mean using social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and others. But, has since evolved to incorporate so much more from the customer experience to real-world outreach.

What’s the underlying factors with social media marketing?

  • Have something interesting to share
  • Get it in front of the right influencers and audience
  • Engage with customers and the community

Social media is meant to be fun. It’s to connect with your audience. It’s creating a dialog and using that interaction to tailor experiences. This lets you build a brand — one people want to follow. One people buy from.

You may have attempted social media marketing and failed. We’re here to help you get back on track. In this section, you’ll find hundreds of tutorials, guides, and resources for getting the most from your social media.