is dedicated to providing helpful information about affiliate marketing but we don’t want to rule out the other opportunities when you’re trying to make money online.

Sure, affiliate marketing will often have the highest pay-outs but there are plenty of other alternatives that you can get a start in to pick up a few extra bucks during your downtime.

Devote a few extra hours to some of these methods and you could ease the stress from bills or begin setting aside extra money for that long-awaited vacation.

Here are our picks …

#1: Do Microtasks

Microtasks are exactly what you can expect when hearing the term – you perform short tasks in exchange for money.

One of the easiest platforms to get started with making money through microtasks is Amazon MTurk.

On MTurk you will find a huge variety of tasks, such as:

  • Answering survey questions
  • Confirming online data
  • Doing translations

Sign up is free but you will need to submit tax information.

Usually you will run into many tasks that pay just a few cents for a couple seconds of your time but if you want to maximize your earnings on the site than check into which shares the best/easiest earners on the platform.

Spend an hour or two throughout the day when you have downtime and you can quickly add up a nice little profit.

#2: Get Crafting

Fancy a go at turning your love and passion for a craft into a money making venture; this is possible when you pair your craft with a platform like Etsy.

There’s a market for everything whether you’re making bottlecap necklaces or plushies in the likeness of anime characters. Set a great price, bring something unique, promote your work, and you could see a budding business from something you love doing.

Etsy will come at a cost when you’re listing items but it’s the best platform if you want to sell your crafts.

There are plenty of tutorials and resources for getting on board with the platform but the best approach is to simply dive right in and learn as you go. Treat the platform as you would a business and you’ll be right on the path to picking up some additional coin throughout the month.

#3: Start Tutoring

Try your hand at online tutoring if you feel you’re up to par within a particular educational field. There are students seeking all forms of knowledge; sometimes the online tutoring sites, videos, and exercises don’t appeal to every individual which is why they may seek tutoring services, instead.

You can setup this operation by installing and learning the ins and outs of Skype. Use the Web to find teaching materials as a guide for your tutoring and as additional resources for the student.

Once you’re comfortable using Skype you can begin sourcing students by checking online forums, Craigslist ads, or digging through posts on Facebook.

You can charge whatever you see fit or adhere to their budget if you choose to take them on. Conduct your tutoring, give additional assignments and homework, and process the payment through Paypal.

#4: Run Promotions for Event Companies

If you feel you’re a “hip” individual and down with the party scene, with plenty of friends on social media, than you can reach out to local event companies and offer your services in promotion.

There are many local businesses that would like extra oompf in the social media department; there are also many promotion companies that need people on the ground level.

Pay attention to the parties and events you’re invited to and do your research behind the businesses that put on these events – get in touch and see if they could use some help.

All that’s really required is posting on their behalf. You could share photos/flyers/videos of an upcoming event, tag friends likely to attend, and share it in other groups you’re a part of – just as long as you don’t get too spammy.

Track what you’re doing, hand over a report to the event company, and process the invoice. They’ll be happy to get more eyeballs on the event page and you get a kickback for doing what you probably do on a weekly basis when using the social sites.

#5: Try Your Hand at Design

Get those creative juices flowing and try your hand at creating designs and other Web items for businesses and individuals.

There are many different paths you can take:

  • Website themes
  • Infographics
  • Video templates
  • Stock images
  • Fonts
  • Photoshop effects
  • Logos

There is a market for everything especially if it’s the right price and it saves the buyer a good amount of time from having to create the item on their own. You’re up against a great deal of fantastic designers but there’s always room for one more because everyone brings a unique style to the table and yours may be what they want!

Try your designs over at 99Designs, ThemeForest, Microlancer, and other design marketplaces or take it to the next level by creating a portfolio and promoting your services.

#6: Become a Virtual Assistant

We’ve covered outsourcing and virtual assistants here and there on but what if you turned the tables and you were the one receiving the work and tasks?

Virtual assistants are in high demand; the requirements for becoming a VA are basically zero as long as you can follow orders delegated by the client. You could see yourself writing a report one day or answering customer support calls the next – the job is what you make of it and what you decide to take on so keep your eyes peeled for the right opportunity.

As a bonus, you could leverage your position as a virtual assistant to take on new challenges in a desired industry – it’s sort of like going back to school but this time you’re paid to learn. Once you’re all done with a client you could use that newfound knowledge to grow your business even further!

What online money making activities would you recommend?