Throughout this short series I will take you through five of the most powerful ways to begin earning money through your Affiliate Marketing efforts. The items that are included in this series are the pages and content types that are applicable to any online project.

The five I will cover include:

  • Resource pages
  • In-Depth reviews
  • Checklist
  • Translations
  • Printouts

Each of these allow you to share valuable information and an affiliate link (or more). The pieces are built around trust and action so when you hold the position of a positive brand it increases the odds of conversions; people see that you use them, they trust you, and so they are likely to give them a shot.

Include each of one of these within your niche project work and you will certainly see an increase to your income within longevity of the efforts; here is what you need to know about…


Making money with in-depth reviews

In-depth reviews are the best ways to make money with your niche website because:

  • Search engines love them because they are extremely helpful
  • They are (obviously) in-depth so it gives all the appropriate information
  • You have multiple moments to use a call-to-action
  • It encourages you to expand on the media formats which help with conversions

The reviews I’m talking about aren’t just your typical 500-750 word reviews you’d find on many sites (though sometimes, depending on the product/service, that’s fine); these are the type of reviews where even after a few years you could take a look through it and know that it’s (still) a great product.

Generally these are the type of reviews that go above and beyond, feature many rich interactivity elements, and tell a story. Look at the difference of a product you review you may find on a site like versus your typical tech-blog; they are extremely in-depth versus quick write-ups.

The biggest elements of these reviews generally include the following:

  • 2-3,000+ word examination
  • Video (or other media formats)
  • Plenty of pictures
  • Quotes and other elements that add to trust

Ask yourself:

  • Do I trust a 500 word review that just does an overview which most of the information I can find through the product page?
  • Do I trust the review where I can see a hands-on preview, deep inspect of the item/service, and a large summary which targets whether it’s right for you (or not)?

These reviews, obviously, take a lot of time but they are entirely worth it.

The best way to go about doing these type of reviews is to become a customer of the product/service so that you learn not just about the topic but the business/brand behind it.

In order to make money off your niche sites you really only need to do these to the most popular/frequently-used products (which generally show up on your resources pages as mentioned in the previous post).

Since you are so accustomed to these products/services you should have no trouble speaking your mind about them and talk about its intricacies.

In short: Start off by working on creating reviews about products/services you already readily use within your niche, take your sweet time so that you are able to put a great amount of effort into the depth/media, and then fill it with multiple call-to-actions to capture those interested at any moment.



Reviews aren’t only there to present a product or service. The review is the experience.

When people invest their time into reading through your reviews they will feel as if they already have part ownership. The person projects the image of them using the product/service and all the rewards that come through it. When you can create that mental image, drive home on the value, and lead out with a strong call-to-action you leave the person with a trustful choice in making the purchase and a glow once it is processed.

Reviews can be short but they really do gain an advantage when they are in-depth. People are going to skim through and pick the points that matter to them but others need the full picture. By covering all aspects of the topic you cover all those questions and concerns that may block a person from completing the sale.

Try to write one new in-depth review each week (or at the very least each month) so that you may always have something solid to present to your audience (and link into your resource pages).


Image by Geralt