Throughout this short series I will take you through five of the most powerful ways to begin earning money through your Affiliate Marketing efforts. The items that are included in this series are the pages and content types that are applicable to any online project.

The five I will cover include:

  • Resource pages
  • In-Depth reviews
  • Checklist
  • Translations
  • Printouts

Each of these allow you to share valuable information and an affiliate link (or more). The pieces are built around trust and action so when you hold the position of a positive brand it increases the odds of conversions; people see that you use them, they trust you, and so they are likely to give them a shot.

Include each of one of these within your niche project work and you will certainly see an increase to your income within longevity of the efforts; here is what you need to know about…


Making money with translations

Though English is among the most widely spoken languages in the World it still means that you are failing to reach an even greater, potential audience; this applies to any language that may be your native tongue but for the sake of this post I’m going with English.

By translating your work into other languages (Mandarin, Spanish, Hindi, and more) you now reach a global market that may actually be untouched. Your skills in Affiliate Marketing could lead you to becoming a major player in a foreign market by offering your work in the native language.

You don’t need to learn a new language to begin putting this into effect as there are plenty of different options for translations:

  • Plugins that automatically translate base on location or give options for various languages
  • Hire a native speaker to go through your work and translate
  • Crowdsource the work from within your community to provide it to their country

What I would recommend is to start off by examining your analytics and sort your visitors by country as this will give you a good idea of which languages would be most popular to explore. Take a look at the other most widely used languages and add that to your list, too.

Once you have that information I would recommend the following:

  • Start off by translating your most popular posts via native speaker you hire
  • Go ahead and utilize a translation plugin to cover a wide selection of languages
  • Get active on popular social media sites that are very specific to a country to share

Since the work is done either automatically or handed over for a reasonable price to a freelance translator you aren’t investing a great deal of time and resources which makes for an easy win.

In short: We are all connected through the Web and it would be a shame to limit your work to just speakers of your language. Consider the options to translate your work into other widely used languages in an attempt to reach new audiences and increase your chances of selling an affiliate offer.



It’s far too easy to get stuck in this mindset that you’re targeting your home country. Yes, it is easier to target your country because you understand its culture, language, trends, and the like, but in the end it’s playing it safe because you’re not pushing the (literal) boundaries.

The market is prime for experienced, knowledgeable individuals to reach a new demographic and location. Often times you may not find competitors in a foreign marketplace; this opens the doors to opportunity so that your work becomes the leader in the industry.

With that major hurdle of translation out of the way you should have no problem presenting your business to prime, untapped markets around the world.


Image by Geralt