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Lurk and learn from the competition.

“Discipline means organization, chain of command, and logistics” a classic line from The Art of War by Sun Tzu which resonates across all forms of business – especially in the affiliate marketing world.

Your success is not only starts when you land the first sale but during the very early stages of keyword research and competitor analysis. The following is going to give you the insider’s edge on the competition for your affiliate business.

Keyword Research: The Affiliate Way

Your best friend will be Google’s Keyword Tool because it gives you the proper (hard data) insights about what your industry searches for with the search engine. The numbers acquired (always set exact search in your parameters) will tell what information people seek before they purchase a product.

Coupled with reviews, tutorials, interviews, and other forms of content – your keywords will ultimately guide your content strategy and marketing which builds your website traffic and sales.

Within the keyword tool, you can get a general sense of competition based on the ‘difficulty’ of the keyword. Plug the keyword into the search engine and you can see the main competitors that rank for the term(s).

Competitor SEO Research: The Easy Way

Competitor SEO research really comes down to a few factors:

  • Analyzing the on-page SEO

  • Checking backlinks to the pages

  • Understanding the PageRank

  • Examining the competitor’s content strategy

It’s impossible to know exactly why certain websites rank the way they do because of the secrecy behind Google rankings but these four factors can give us a greater glimpse into what to use on your own site.

Specifically, you can use free plugins (Firefox or Chrome) called SEO Toolbar which will jumble up your web queries to show relevant data to the statistics and important SEO elements about a competitor’s website.

Second, you can use backlink tools like BacklinkWatch to get a good understanding of how and where your competitors are building their backlinks. You can use this list to begin your own link building scheme that replicates the competition. Likewise, you can see what “influential” individuals your competition seeks to build authority.

Finally, use your time, while researching, to get an idea of what your competition is doing for their content strategy. View what products they push and what vehicles of media works best within their community. Find what questions have gone unanswered and carve out your niche within the market.

Before you go, take a look at this excellent video on doing keyword and competitor research:

How do you measure the competition?

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