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Travel Affiliate Marketing – Target Peak Seasons


Holiday travel. It’s hectic and stressful. But, even with soaring gas prices (which also lead to increased plane ticket prices) people are still traveling in droves around the holidays. And, they don’t seem to be letting up. As such, it’s a good time to be an affiliate of an airline or other travel company or service, hotel, or vacation planner.

You may have a travel affiliate marketing program that is fairly successful, but there are always ways to improve. Take note of the following tips on how to increase clicks and conversions in your travel-related affiliate marketing campaigns.

Know Peak Travel Dates and Times
Keep a calendar for yourself delineating these times. Then, place a calendar on your site or a navigation bar that also highlights the peak travel days. Indicate days that are best to travel or deadlines for which to book flights or rooms for typical optimal savings. Also include tips on how to search for the most inexpensive flights if your travel time is flexible – for example, try to leave on a Thursday and come back on a Monday.

Here is a list of the peak travel days for the U.S. along with destinations to promote around these times of year. Start promoting for these holidays one to two months in advance.

  • Labor Day – the day before the kids go back to school and the unofficial end of summer. Popular Labor Day vacations include areas ideal for hiking and camping. New England is also a very popular destination for that time of year.

  • Thanksgiving – most people are heading home for this holiday, but popular destinations include New England (for the foliage), California (especially wine country), the Midwest (Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio) for hunting, and major cities like New York and Chicago for shopping on the day after Thanksgiving.

  • Christmas – Pretty much any part of the country is open for promotion this time of year. Promote the South for a break from the winter cold – Miami, Key West, the Virgin Islands, Orlando, the North for winter sports like snowmobiling – Wisconsin or Minnesota; the West for skiing – Utah, Colorado, California.

  • Spring Break – The busiest travel time for college students. Spring breaks vary from campus to campus but generally occur in mid-March. Popular destinations include South Florida and the Carolinas.

  • Fourth of July – a good deal of travel to places appropriate for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, waterskiing and camping occurs around this time of year. Promote destinations in Colorado, Minnesota or California

Improve your SEO to draw in those searching for travel offers

  • Add a section to your site with travel tips – best days to travel, cleanest airports, airlines that still serve snacks, new rules and regulations for going through security, etc.

  • Add reviews – offer reviews of the service you’re promoting. This is perfect for affiliates of hotels.

  • Ideas for fun getaways – maybe have a blog detailing your travel destinations or keep track of popular or trendy vacation spots.


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