Hrmm ... what topic should I choose?

The product selection for your affiliate marketing campaigns is the most important decision you can make. The products you promote will ultimately be the success (or death) of your affiliate campaigns.

In this article, I’ll be sharing a variety of methods for choosing affiliate site topics (and the products to which they revolve around).

Choosing Affiliate Site Topics

You’re already passionate about the work you do; now add two and two together to couple the best products to your work – to begin making the big bucks.

Method #1: Use a Hobby

Personally, I find hobbies to be an excellent starting point for affiliate marketing. Hobbies, ones you enjoy, are very passionate topics; you already know how you got started and the products you buy to participate in a hobby – it now just becomes bridging your own passion for the hobby toward teaching others how they too can be a part of the community.

When choosing affiliate site topics, with a hobby, take a look at the specific areas that you enjoy because there will be many others that want to partake in the action.

Method #2: Focus on Popular Products

Use marketplaces like Amazon’s Top 100 lists and Ebay Pulse to give you a real-world example of what people are buying. Collect as much information you can about the buying habits of people and these products they’re buying. Find an affiliate program that has the same products and promotions; begin creating content around the item and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a successful website.

Method #3: Pick a Passionate Topic you Love

Try starting off your new affiliate marketing website around a topic you thoroughly enjoy such as your career. Your involvement with things you love already gives you a great idea where to start; you also know what products and services buy within these industries because you’re already making those buying decisions. In short, if you know you enjoy it than it’s likely others do, as well, because of the sheer size of the web and its users.

Method #4: Go By the Book

Have a favorite topic for your reading? Turn that into a new affiliate site. Your quest for knowledge about a topic, through reading, can quickly be turned into your own affiliate marketing business and website when you distill the ideas and knowledge, you’ve learned while reading, into blog posts and product promotions. Not only will you continue to have fun with your reading but you’re starting a site off in a structured, logical method since you know the entire spectrum of the topic.

Method #5: Tap into the Community

Go one step beyond the limits of your own knowledge by tapping into the community at large. Hold interviews, chats, video conferences, and solicit guest posts from major players in the niche you want to enter. Playing into the community will give you the important content to fuel your website while simultaneously building community support.

How do you choose a subject for your affiliate websites? Share your tip with a comment, below.