One of the issues we find as content creators is that many people skim through content.

They’ll either:

A. Just look at the URL or headline and deduct their own ideas

B. Jump around and look past a lot of the smaller details we cover

When people skim through the content we are losing valuable opportunities to send people to valuable, affiliated resources. It’s a given that people are going to do this regardless but there are ways to format your articles so it’s more engaging.

Here is a quick set of tips to make your articles in a fashion people don’t want to skim:

  • Length – People have a lot on their plate so it’s important that you don’t make the content too lengthy; get to the point as soon as you can to make sure that they get the main points.
  • Structure – If it’s a lengthier article then make sure that you’re frequently using sub-headings so that if a reader wants to skim around there will be sections that catch their attention.
  • Font – You may have written tons of papers in school using 12 point font but that’s not the case for the Web; consider bumping the font size up to 14pt to make it easier to read.
  • Formatting – Be sure to utilize italicization, bolding, and underlining to draw attention to parts of your work that matter most.
  • Links – Try not to overdo it with the links otherwise you’ll send the reader down a rabbit hole of content and miss the opportunity to convert them from the original article.
  • Imagery – Visuals have stopping power for skimming because they naturally catch the eye so be sure to add them throughout your posts; do the same with video when they’re appropriate.

Though this article doesn’t put these into effect it also shows that length plays an important role; because it’s short, set as a list, and gets to the point I’m able to convey the message rather than dragging it on for 1000+ words. Wouldn’t you agree?

Image by MIPhoto