The web is in a constant flux of interests that has been hyper-ized due to the wide spread usage of the information platform. For the affiliate marketer, this means that new niche markets may spring up (and die) within a week’s time. It’s your ability to get (quickly) into the market that leads to truly incredible returns on your time investment.

In the following section, I’ll be showing a visual step-by-step guide for using Google Trends to surf the waves of these trending markets and how to discover the hidden niches that are just emerging.

Niche Research via Google Trends

Google Trends is a free tool for viewing trends on the web (through data pulled from Google search queries and other factors). In affiliate marketing, this gives you a great glimpse whether your direction is on the up (or down) within the general interest in your market.

Here’s how it works …

Visit the Google Trends home page and fill in a broad niche you wish to penetrate.

This surface level research will only give you so much but will reveal the overall appeal of the market you’re going after; it can give you the accurate growth of a product, service, or industry so you’re not wasting time going after a dying interest.

To go deeper, this is what you do …

The secondary part of Google Trends is the new Insights feature which has many more parameters to view trends and information about your potential promotions.

Like before, you can type in the general niche/keyword for your promotions and be given a graph that includes the trending searches, news, and user demographics but the difference in this section of Google Trends is that there are additional suggestions for related keywords and other terms that are starting to pick up interest – the gold!

In the Insights section of Google Trends, you can further hone in on your demographics and niche research through the following:

  • Geo Location
  • Media Search Type
  • Categories (and Sub-Categories)
  • Multiple Search Terms
  • Time Ranges

There are many other options to play with but the main to test is plugging in keywords into Insights and viewing what suggestions are made toward the bottom. You’ll find that there are many keywords that are starting to come into demand with very little competition.

For niche research, you’ll discover related products and services within the broad niche that was part of the query – these micro niches can be researched within the same tool and further explored to any level you wish.

If all of this seems a bit overwhelming, I’ve found a great video that gives you a complete breakdown of using Google Trends and Insights.

Found this helpful? What niches did you find with the tool?