Envato is a web company with a wide array of marketplaces, successful blogs, and memberships under its ownership; its dramatic rise since 2006 has placed it as one of the premier resources for web developers and website owners.

The vast offering under the Envato brand grants access to marketplaces for nearly every type of web element imaginable including website themes, stock photography, motion graphics, and more; its blogs cover each of the main topics within the web development (and multi-media) industry from web design tutorials to photography.

As an affiliate marketer, your website visitors may very well be small business owners, bloggers, or the type of individual trying to get their start online (this may not always be the case, depending on your niche, but it’s likely that, at some point, people will seek resources for building their own online platform).

Thousands of products can be found within the marketplace and here’s the kicker: it has an affiliate program!

This post is going to explain why you should be a part of the Envato affiliate program if you do any type of affiliate promotion for web elements, premium tutorials, or educational products related to multi-media development.

The Envato Marketplaces

Envato may have got their start through a variety of valuable blog and websites but the tipping point came when they rolled out their marketplaces. The blogs taught a massive amount of individuals in the skills of web and media development and, naturally, they also became the authors on these networks; since their blogs continue to grow with each passing year – so does the amount of items on the marketplaces.

At this time, Envato operates the following marketplaces:

  • ActiveDen – Flash and Unity 3D
  • AudieoJungle – Stock Music and Audio
  • ThemeForest – Website Templates
  • VideoHive – Motion Graphics
  • GraphicRiver – Graphics, Vectors and Print
  • 3DOcean – 3D Models and Materials
  • CodeCanyon – Code, Plugins and Mobile
  • Tutorials – Tutorials and Screencasts
  • PhotoDune – Stock Photography

Now imagine if you’re an affiliate marketer that promotes products within the realm of these items listed on the Envato marketplaces.

You could:

  • Promote website templates and themes for beginners
  • Recommend plugins for their websites
  • List stock photography and motion graphics for their marketing materials
  • Suggest premium tutorials

Combine the possibilities offered through the marketplaces and you can create a very consistent set of marketing promotions which tap into each of them.

For example, you could create lists of the “Top 20 Best Small Business Themes” then follow it with “Top 20 Best Small Business Website Plugins” and then follow it with “Top 20 Best Small Business Graphics for Marketing”. As you can see, you’d be tapping into all of the marketplaces, you’re sharing great resources for readers, and it operates under one affiliate program.

Other Valuable Envato Assets

As mentioned, Envato has various assets worth noting because they can be used in your resources when sharing products from the marketplaces.

Some of the other assets include:

  • PSDTuts+ – Adobe Photoshop
  • NetTuts+ – Web Development
  • VectorTuts+ – Illustrator and Vector
  • AudioTuts+ – Audio and Production
  • AeTuts+ – Adobe After Effects
  • CgTuts+ – Computer Graphics
  • PhotoTuts+ – Photography
  • MobileTuts+ – Mobile Development
  • WebDesignTuts+ – Web Design
  • WPTuts+ – WordPress
  • MacTuts+ – Mac & OS X
  • GameDevTuts+ – Game Development
  • CraftTuts+ – Craft & Handmade
  • Tuts+ Premium – A membership area
  • FreelanceSwitch – Freelancing

It keeps going and going.

I mention these because it shows that Envato is a real player in the industry; there is heavy amounts of branding – I would bet anyone that are in these fields have heard of at least a few of these websites.

This means that when you’re promoting the products in the marketplaces – you’ve already got the branding on your side.

Likewise, as I mentioned, you could tie-in these websites when you’re creating list and round-up posts (or just dropping links to marketplace products); you could link to a tutorial that explains a topic in greater detail which gives bonus value to your content.

The Envato Affiliate Program

Now for the juicy stuff: the affiliate program.

To keep this short … the Envato affiliate program is about as bare bones as you can get (but it’s still very, very effective).

Here are the basics:

  • 30% of a users’ first purchase or cash deposit on a marketplace
  • 90 day cookie
  • First come, first serve referrals (if you get the first click and they click a different one, you still get the commission).

There really isn’t any backend for the affiliate program besides a few banners and promotional templates. You create your referral links by adding a piece of code to the end of the URL.

Because of the simplicity, I would highly recommend that you use a URL shortener or redirect.

You can check your stats and sign up when you’re in the dashboard.

Also, you can make money from the people you refer to the network so if they become an author and begin selling – you take a cut too!

Envato (for Affiliates): In Review

I’ve done my best to cover what each of the marketplaces and assets Envato has to offer, as an affiliate. Now let’s break it all down and look at the …

The Good

  • Thousands of incredible products covering every type of web-related industry
  • Respectable affiliate rate and proven track record for paying affiliates
  • Constant, new development of assets

The Bad

  • Marketplaces can be slow to update due to author additions
  • The affiliate tracking is very simplistic and doesn’t give a lot of the power user options
  • Some authors do not update/fix older items (which means you’ll need to do regular revisions)

The Bottom Line

The Envato network is absolutely massive because it allows any designer, developer, and multi-media artist to easily setup shop and begin selling their work (and believe me, there are a lot of them out there). Additionally, the marketplaces are backed by a variety of high-ranking blogs related to each of the main categories readily found in web and media development – this creates synergy with the two.

Envato is constantly developing new assets, improving their platform, and aiding affiliates. The only drawback, overall, actually comes from the authors who may come and go without doing revisions to their work but, at the end of the day, there is constantly new items worth of promotion.

Our rating: 5 out of 5.

There really is no better alternative if you’re seeking to promote web-based assets. The sheer choice of what you’re able to promote is mind boggling and each have dozens of methods to promote which makes for very large scale, evolving affiliate campaigns.

In short, become an Envato affiliate if you’re sharing web and media resources – it’s the best.