The financial services market is one of the biggest ones out there. The number of different products, services, and advice available is unimaginably large. This is great for both affiliates and consumers.

Affiliates who want to join this market and are searching for a niche inside of it, can focus on things like: credit cards, reporting and credit repair, financial advice, full-blown personal finance courses and education, loans and investment plans, tax services, debt services and getting out of debt advice, software (including online software), various books and guides, and a lot more.

As you can see, the field is really big so we’re only going to focus on some of the more interesting programs that are not so obvious.

Let’s start with some financial education.

Man Vs. Debt

Man Vs. Debt is a personal finance blog run by Adam Baker. It is focused around getting out of debt and decluttering your life in general. What’s great about Baker’s blog is that it’s one of those up and coming websites that are getting more popular every day. He is quite a recognizable brand already, and now he should be easier to promote than ever as his new You Vs. Debt online class opens in late January. Such a launch is sure to showcase his brand to new audiences, which is a great opportunity for affiliates to join the band too, and take part in the promotions that are sure to take place.

The affiliate program offers 50% commissions. After joining it you will earn money for supporting all products of Baker’s, including You Vs. Debt and all of his future projects.


FreshBooks is an invoicing service for freelancers and all kinds of small businesses who’d like to have their paperwork done correctly without having to hire accountants or ordering any bookkeeping services.

FreshBooks is on this list for one main reason. The world of freelancing and building financial freedom is getting more and more popular in times of financial crisis, when people are searching for new ways to make a living. Tools like FreshBooks come handy at those moments.

When you join FreshBooks itself you’re automatically joining the affiliate program as well. The commissions are at 25% for the first year the person you’ve brought stays a paying user. The affiliate toolkit is not the most developed one but it still contains a lot of banner ads you can use wherever you want.


There’s a lot of different banking affiliate programs you might want to consider promoting, but we’ve decided to point you towards this one for a couple of reasons. First of all, MoneyAisle is a network consisting of over 200 banks and various credit unions presented in real-time reverse auctions. You can promote it no matter if you have a website or not – the affiliate management team will help you in setting up your promotions.

The most important thing, however, is the commission MoneyAisle offers. Currently it’s on a pay-per-sale basis … 100% of each sale. This makes it clear that MoneyAisle makes their profits on the backend, but it also makes it clear that they are very serious about working with their affiliates. Therefore, the affiliate section provides promotional material, banner ads, traffic and earnings statistics, and some basic tracking.


Basically, MyCreditCardFinder is one of the most popular search engines for credit cards. The actual site is very simple in functionality; each visitor just has to fill out a short online form and they are presented with a list of possibilities.

Now the best part is that, if you’re an affiliate, you get a commission for every search performed. This means that, in the end, even if a customer doesn’t apply for a credit card you still get paid for the referral. The main affiliate program is based at Commission Soup, but similar programs can be found on other affiliate networks. So you might want to look around before choosing one you want to be a part of.

American Express

American Express is one of the most recognizable brands in the world, and that is exactly why we’ve decided to include it here. Promoting a brand like American Express usually does not require any actual pitching or salesman talk. The brand itself has enough recognition to go on its own. If you have the right audience you might be able to make a healthy profit out of their affiliate program. After joining it you can choose from a variety of different financial products. The program is based at LinkShare.


Equifax is one of the most popular credit bureaus offering a wide range of various credit monitoring and identity theft protection services. Such things come really handy for customers in hard times of world-wide recession.

The affiliate program works on a pay-per-sale basis; you get a lot of promotional materials and a 30-day cookie. The program is based at Commission Junction so you need to sign up there before you can promote Equifax.


Zecco is an investment house, so to speak, offering their customers a lot of different financial products focused around all kinds of investments and trading. Zecco pitches their services as built by traders, for traders, allowing stock, options, and forex trading.

The commissions are paid whenever a referred user sings up and opens a Zecco Trading account. The affiliate program is based at both Commission Junction and LinkShare. You can join whichever seems more attractive to you.

Extreme Day Trading

Let’s conclude the list with some Clickbank programs. Extreme Day Trading is a video program targeted towards people who want to learn how to make money trading stocks and currency (forex). Currently, it’s one of the most popular financial programs on Clickbank. It offers 75% commissions (and additional recurring commissions). Currently, the gravity is at 23. To help you in promoting the program you get a set of pre-written emails. is a subscription based newsletter program for people who want to learn how to earn money trading penny stocks. The affiliate program is based at Clickbank and it offers 75% commissions. What’s particularly attractive about this program are the contests that are announced every now and then. For example, the contest that’s running right now offers $10,000 prize for the top affiliate. Apart from that, there’s also a really big affiliate package available. When promoting you get access to things like: PPC keywords and ad copy, email copy, forum signatures, and of course banner ads.

The truth is that every major affiliate network offers a wide range of different financial services affiliate programs, and we know that there are a lot more we could include here. If you know of other programs that are better in any way than the ones pointed out here then feel free to comment and let us know.