Groupon has seen a meteoric rise to the top in the last few years; it’s great for consumers looking to get out of the house and great for businesses bringing in business. Being an affiliate for the Groupon program is ideal for those affiliates that seek an alternative, fun approach to online promotion by offering daily deals that are win/win for everyone.

In this review, we’ll be measuring the Groupon affiliate program and determine whether it’s something to add to your list of assets.

Groupon: The Overview

Groupon, on the frontend, offers thousands of daily deals around hundreds of major cities and towns. These deals are bought up on quick fashion and continue to evolve day-to-day which makes Groupon such a well-respected, resourceful website for consumers.

For affiliates, Groupon has done extensive work to ensure you’re receiving ample support for your campaigns and promotions. Coupled with great deals and affiliate tools, Groupon creates a great opportunity for flash, emotional sales bound to earn you healthy commissions.

Aside from great campaigns and promos, Groupon has been going above and beyond the “affiliate call of duty,” since 2010. Here’s why:

  • Groupon got down to business with affiliates, making personal relationships and providing customized deals to affiliates that not only generated partners a ton of commissions, but helped generate Groupon revenue and build brand exposure
  • It branched out a whole new league of “Daily Deal Affiliates” that actually allowed affiliates to leverage Groupon’s model to grow their businesses exceptionally
  • At the end of the day, Groupon is in huge debt to affiliates for their huge turn around and for being the powerhouse online company they are today…  In essence, making them a phenomenal program because they recognize the importance of affiliates

Here is the program in the spotlight:

The Program Stats

What are we looking at in terms of performance?

  • 0.2% – 10% commissions
  • 3 Month EPC: $24.48
  • 7 Day EPC: $13.58

These are the general stats reported by There are some banners that reach as high as $169.91 (3 month EPC). Commissions are mostly based on whether a new customer has been referred or a returning member to the network.

The Program Resources

The Groupon affiliate backend gives you access to multiple tools to maximize your campaigns, including:

  • Widget generator (which displays geographical offers)
  • Bookmarklet (easy affiliate link creation)
  • Ad gallery (for existing banners and creative – or request your own)
  • Daily deal (for quick links to national deals and top-selling Groupons)
  • Groupon Now widget generator (shows relevant Groupon deals)
  • Groupon API (to do customized datafeeds and campaigns)

Groupon: In Review

Groupon, does it make the cut or is your time and effort best spent elsewhere?

The Good

  • The largest daily deals website with thousands of opportunities
  • Readily updated, high-performing ad creative
  • Live tracking and full affiliate support and resources

The Bad

  • Returning commissions are very low
  • The marketplace is often oversaturated with healthy and food offers which creates a lack of variety in your promotions
  • You’re constantly hustling to promote the daily deal which could turn stressful

The Bottom Line

Groupon gives a wide variety of tools to diversify your affiliate promotions.

The combination of thousands of daily deals and a reach that continues to grow puts you in a great position have new products to promote on a daily basis (many of them sell themselves).

Our Verdict: 5 out of 5

We can’t ask for more when it comes to the affiliate support and products offered. The competition may be difficult at times and commissions may swing back and forth but the endless deals and reach of the network gives you unlimited opportunity to earn.