Hips & Curves is an online retailer specializing in plus-size lingerie, intimate apparel, and other fashionable items for customers that feel comfortable in their bodies.

The market for plus-size clothing, especially being fashionable and tantalizing, is growing at a rapid rate; Hips & Curves is one of the major players in the market.

The website offers a wide range of fashion and designs which cannot be found elsewhere on the web which allows the site to carve out a niche and command premium pricing.

This means BIG commissions for affiliate marketers.

Racy Designs and Plus-Size Commissions

For years, plus-size women have been neglected through fashion and have gone mostly criticized by our “better than thou” pop culture (especially in television).

Today, Hips & Curves provides a rallying-call for those that want greater, sexier options in their lingerie (and other apparel). The designs may be risqué but there’s no doubt about it: this affiliate program pays!

The Potential Earnings

The average sale, for each order, on Hips & Curves is reported at $125 which means a 10% commission (through their affiliate program), results in a decent commission on your end.

Here are the specifics:

  • 8 – 10% commissions on each sale
  • Average sale: $77 – $125
  • Conversion rate: 2.1%

There are currently 32 different offers to promote that range from broad promotional items such as banners (58 at the time of this writing) to specific categories through links (32 currently available).

There are some restrictions in the type of promotions you’re allowed but these are the general guidelines you’d find in most affiliate programs such as not being allowed to use trademark names in advertising, domains, or false representation in email marketing.

Opportunities and Offers for the Versatile Affiliate

Hips & Curves provides a wide range of lingerie, gifts, and sales for the affiliate marketer including a selection of bras, belts, fantasy items, robes, corsets, shoes, sleepwear, and more. The website and brand has built a great authority within the niche so resistance to purchasing through the site isn’t a problem. The business is very professional and tasteful which removes the “smut” feeling many online lingerie stores present.

Affiliate services are provided by AffiliateTraction which is one of the longest running affiliate fulfillment programs on the web. Besides a clean, responsive backend to the program, AffiliateTraction handles much of the back-and-forth between Hips & Curves which allows you to easily implement and promote campaigns on the fly.

Hips & Curves Affiliate Program: In Review

Does lingerie tantalize your interest in affiliate marketing? Here’s how it breaks down:

The Good

  • Hips & Curves is a trusted, premium brand
  • The market for plus-size lingerie is growing each year
  • High average sales translates to respectable commissions

The Bad

  • The industry is very niche which may not leave a lot of space for competition
  • Many marketing campaigns must be pre-approved
  • They aren’t accepting new merchants through ShareASale (but Google Affiliate Network is open)

The Bottom Line

Hips & Curves is a trusted, premium brand that’s able to command high prices for their lingerie which keeps them from continually lowering prices and succumb to competition. The market for plus-size clothing, especially risqué types, grows as social pressures are lifted about the “ideal body image”.

What do we think about Hips & Curves? 4/5.

Though somewhat restrictive, this is a market that has a lot of potential for great, recurring commissions if you position your marketing correctly.