It seems all too common that affiliate marketers in the weight loss niche place their entire focus centered around programs that aim to shed the pounds which is certainly a major element of weight loss but a great deal of individuals aiming to lose weight is centric around a healthy lifestyle.

Remember this:

  • There are those that want to look healthy
  • There are those that want to be healthy
  • There are those that want a balance of both

Society has placed a great deal of stress on our personal image which explains why there are many individuals that participate in weight loss programs to reach a better image. For the majority, it comes down to either reaching a healthy weight or having the best of both worlds.

In essence, don’t single out the gym fanatics because the bigger picture is in the general market: the average Joe.

Here are some tips on making the most from your work in the weight loss niche.

1. Educate on the Health

Fad diets, pills, and programs come and go but what stay is a healthy diet and the food that make up the meal plans.

To get the most from your weight loss affiliate marketing, include horizontal offers into areas such as meal planning, food delivery, food books, and other educational sources that go beyond an exercise routine or some piece of gym equipment.

The reality is that you should be aiming to create not just a position in the weight loss niche but in the health industry as a whole – as an authority on the matter.

Figure out what the largest hurdles are for your audience, their concerns with products, what drives them toward a healthy lifestyle. Engross yourself within the industry; go beyond the marketing.

People ditch the gym equipment, give up on routine, and break their New Year’s resolution but education sticks. You may not snag every individual but you’ll definitely make an impact when you educate which goes well beyond a single point of sale.

2. Find your Niche

I don’t think it’s necessary to truly repeat this but you have two options when it comes to making the most bang for your buck in this industry:

  • Go after the big market
  • Carve out your niche market

It’s likely that you don’t have a ton of money for advertising – you’re mainly using organic traffic – so it means conversions (not traffic) matters more than ever. In this situation, a niche is your best option.

An excellent example of taking the weight loss industry into a niche is NerdFitness, a great blend of exercise and diet information aimed at the tech-savvy.

It really all depends on how you position your website. The weight loss niche is so massive that even a fraction of the sub-market is a viable source of income, don’t be afraid if you want to target “40 year old guys that are heavy smokers” – believe me, the Internet is so big that people will find the information.

3. Own your Words

Affiliate marketing has a problem: it’s too easy to start.

What you get most of the time is some newcomer that slaps together a website based on some hot selling product, throws up a few articles, buys some ads, and falls flat on their face – burned on their money. It happens over and over again.

Here’s the thing: people can see through the vapid content and marketing message.

You wouldn’t take lifestyle advice from someone addicted to drugs, would you? It’s the same with people trying to lose weight. Why would someone trust an individual that’s unhealthy?

People want to see an image because they’re projecting their desired outcome but it goes deeper than that: they want someone that they can team up along the way.

You have to own up to your words, image, and what you endorse. You have to do the exercise, report on the products, and support the community through logical, experienced results than some marketing copy you pulled from an affiliate marketplace. People will see through a shallow message – don’t risk all your work just for a quick win – go for the long-term.

What would be your biggest tips for targeting the weight loss industry?