film rollMovies, cinema, and all the other side niches are what we can call “evergreen.” No matter what happens, cinematography as a whole will always be popular. Even if the medium changes the overall interest will remain the same.

In general, niches where you don’t have to worry about people losing interest overnight are very friendly to affiliates, so today let’s have a look at 8 interesting affiliate programs to promote to movie buffs.


Fandango is said to be the nation’s leading moviegoer destination. They sell tickets to nearly 20,000 screens nationwide. The site provides reviews, commentary, and even celebrity interviews and movie trailers. Everything a person searching for an interesting movie might need.

The affiliate program offers commissions on movie tickets and gift cards. They provide links, banners, search widgets, coupons, and other promotional materials. You can sign up to the program through Commission Junction or Google Affiliate Network.



ClearPlay is a DVD player that makes it possible for your family to enjoy countless Hollywood movies. What’s unique is that it removes questionable content that you might not want to see (it uses custom filters).

The affiliate program offers a tiered commission structure starting at 10%, and a 6-month (!) cookie, which is an impressively long time period.



Netflix is THE world’s leading internet subscription service for enjoying movies and TV shows. For as little as $7.99 per month every customer can instantly watch hundreds of shows streamed to their PCs, Macs, or TVs. Actually, Netflix streams can be received on more than 700 different devices.

The best thing about the affiliate program is that you earn money by referring people to a free trial, so they don’t actually have to buy anything. Also, Netflix provides some affiliate tools, banners, and other material.



MovieGoods is an online store offering a wide range of movie posters and photos. The affiliate program offers 18% commissions on all sales, provides a 30-day cookie, and a range of banners, ads, text links and search boxes.


MoviesUnlimited is said to be the world’s oldest and most reliable video mail-order company. The affiliate program offers 8% commissions, which is not much, but you have to remember that we’re dealing with actual physical products here.

CD Universe


CD Universe is an online store providing a wide range of music CDs, video games, and movies to customers all over the world. The affiliate program offers 10% commissions on all products. There’s also an online tracking and reporting system to help you run your promotions.


This site has made the list because of the t-shirts they offer. Every movie buff can find something related to their favorite movie. The affiliate program offers quite high commissions at 20%, and there’s a 30-day cookie.


This shouldn’t be a surprise. Amazon is the biggest online store these days. Movie DVDs, TV shows and other related items are just some of the thousands of things they offer. The affiliate program offers 4% and 8% commissions depending on the product you promote and the scale of your sales.