Throughout this week we plan to bring you an excellent set of ideas, strategies, and suggestions for taking advantage of the holiday season.

Though each holiday is special there are five that should be five at the top of your list if you want to earn the most in affiliate marketing during the rest of the year.

These include:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • Christmas
  • New Years

They make the list because they are the holidays which bring out the biggest spending. Thanksgiving focuses heavily on food, Black Friday/Cyber Monday mostly around electronics, Christmas covering just about everything, and New Years when it comes to partying. Each present different challenges and a whole lot of income earning opportunity.

In part one of this five part series we’ll be taking a look at: Black Friday.

Here are some ideas, strategies, and suggestions to make some good affiliate earnings…

Black Friday: Bring on the Deals

Black Friday is one of those days when people go absolutely mental for products because so many businesses are having huge sales; it’s the “holiday” that you can promote just about anything and score a few good affiliate commissions. If you’re good at it then you can certainly make it one of your biggest earners during the year.


  • Much of your posts will be about physical products so consider joining Amazon Associates which will give you the largest selection during the holiday
  • Divide your community into three types: low, medium, and high spenders – so you can create content tailored to those that have different levels of income
  • Make good use of what you have around the house/office already because it’s likely those items might be on sale and so you can create easy reviews (blog posts & videos)


  • Do a “countdown to Black Friday” which promotes a slew of products that are going on sale before the holiday starts up (lots of businesses are doing this early now)
  • Use your social media to start discussions around a single product and keep that going by talking about its features and uses so that way you can get all types of conversations going on (with plenty of points to share an affiliate link)
  • Write up a “buyers guide” for your niche which will act like a defacto item to have to survive the holiday shopping event; this is easy done by compiling your reviews and other top ten lists you’re likely making for the website


My suggestions would be to really push the physical products because people really, really want the electronics but in all honesty you could probably promote a broken product and people would buy it up if they saw it was discounted by 80%.

Your best bet is to stick with the top 10 lists, product reviews, and buyer’s guides as these are very easy to make in a quick fashion. Create these posts around the different types of people you have in the community (interests, income, etc) so you can have a wide range of products to promote.

Use those images and video wisely as they are the items that can really make the content stand out and give you the chance for people to click through your affiliate link if the image is linked.


As with every affiliate marketing campaign we would suggest to keep all assets you generate for this holiday because they can be used again next year. Each year you’ll get better and better at promoting offers during this holiday (and this will be reflected in your commissions).

Get started as soon as you can – the earlier the better – if you want to gain the most opportunities at earning. Good luck and happy holidays!