Wouldn’t it be nice if we had all the time in the world to sit back, relax, and pull in our income from our affiliate marketing campaigns without putting in much time? Yeah, it would be nice but you’d be living in a dream world because the reality is that your affiliate business requires a lot of work to get everything started and to finally turn a profit.

But hold your horses; don’t be driven away from the prospect of affiliate marketing because of the “W” word. On the contrary, although you’ll have work – you can effectively use your time to complete your tasks, accomplish your goals, and build your business without it feeling like a dreaded job.

In this article, I want to share a variety of tips, tricks, and methods I (and many others) use to increase the effectiveness of our work, improve our productivity, and get things done – this stuff applies to anyone whether you’re a new affiliate or a dated professional.

Know Thyself – Listen & Learn

To truly become productive – you must first understand your habits, workflow, and distractions.

Every individual works in a different manner. You won’t be able to replicate the drive and passion as your closest competitor because the motivations behind both of you are very different. What you could do is beat them at their own game by being more productive.

Productivity, at its core, comes down to a few basic principles:

  • Identifying your best habits while working
  • Planning and creating strategies for your work
  • Eliminating distractions
  • Setting goals and breaking them down into tasks
  • Challenging yourself while having fun

Before you ever begin a new project or take a leap into affiliate marketing – ask yourself whether you truly have time to dedicate what could be years of your life to this business model.

I know, this much time dedicated to anything can be scary but remember that what you put in is what you get back out. You could do affiliate marketing half of the time but then you’d be making half of your potential. For reasons explained, it’s important to first identify what works for you.

Listen to your inner dialog about what you have to say about affiliate marketing. Learn what makes your skills unique and what drives you to this business. Collect yourself and compile the resources that will aid you in building your affiliate business. Understand what makes you work productive and not just play around on the computer all day.

Core Productivity #1: Identifying your Best Habits & Qualities

What I’ve found to be the key to staying productive in affiliate marketing is developing a workflow.

This workflow is completely unique to your own habits: amount of time you can invest, how well you work under pressure, your drive to learn new things, ability to stay focused, and more.

Here are a few questions you could ask yourself:

  • What is the best time of the day for me to work?
  • Which action can I do, today, that will have the greatest reward?
  • In the long-run, what do I want to do with my business?

Identifying and answering these questions will begin to reveal what makes you tick; what gets you motivated to do the necessary work.