Sport is a very popular niche online. There are literally thousands of popular sports sites focused around many different disciplines, and also many general sports news sites.

This creates great opportunities for affiliates. One of the reasons for this is that the world of sports is an evergreen niche. People just won’t stop being interested in it. Whenever you stumble upon an interesting sub-niche it is likely to be profitable for many years.

The fact is that various affiliate networks are offering different sport related programs, but in this set we’ve decided to focus on ones that are here for the long haul. Therefore, what follows is a set of recognizable brands and stores that have been serving their customers for a long time now. Most programs are Clickbank and ShareASale based.

1. PartyPoker

We’re kicking the list off with arguably the best poker affiliate program. First of all; why is it even featured on this “sports list”? Well, obviously, poker is a sport, but more importantly it should be relatively easy to promote to any kind of sports audience due to its (again) sporty nature, and the fact that it has massive appeal to the general audience (everyone can enjoy it online from the comfort of their homes).

PartyPoker is one of the biggest sites of its kind. It pays out around $53 million every month as tournament prize money, and it is used by 38 million users worldwide. Of course, their affiliate program makes a very good impression too. They provide all kinds of marketing materials in each of the 12 languages in which the site is available. Now the best part – commissions. Depending on how many new “Real Money Players” you attract you can earn $75, $100, or even $150 per acquisition.

2. The Simple Golf Swing

Seeing golf so high on the list may be surprising to you. However, this is a very popular sport. It has a low barrier of entry, can be played by people in every age, golf fields can be found all over the world and, most importantly, learning all basic moves takes some time. That’s why beginner golfers are constantly searching for new education. Golf has some general audience appeal too, so it can be marketed in many different ways.

The affiliate program by The Simple Golf Swing falls within this approach quite neatly, offering many different marketing tools. First of all, you get 75% commissions, which turn into $27.57 at this point, but this program also implements ongoing commissions, so you’re likely to get paid more than once. Promotional resources include things like: banners, e-book covers, email marketing copy, opt-in form templates, and more. The gravity of the program is currently at around 27.

3. Truth About Quickness

Being quick is one of the most important things for athletes in many sports. The Truth About Quickness offer is one targeted towards people who want to improve their skills in all non-linear speed sports (like basketball, football, baseball, etc.). What makes the affiliate program so great is that it can be marketed to all kinds of people, not only ones interested in a single discipline.

One technique that might work is to launch a Facebook ad campaign and target everybody interested in those non-linear speed sports.

Currently, the program’s gravity is at around 19, and the 75% commission can earn you $49.54 per sale. The affiliate package includes videos, articles, email copy, free reports, and more.


4. Do It Tennis

Do It Tennis is an online tennis store offering all kinds of tennis equipment. As a matter of fact, everything a tennis player might need. What’s good about this program are 10% commissions, which is a healthy number for physical products, and more than what Amazon usually shares with their affiliates. You can join the program by signing up to ShareASale first.

5. Vertical Jump Guide

We’ve featured a “speed guide” so now it’s time for a “jump guide.” The affiliate package of Vertical Jump Guide is really expanded. It provides things like: email copy, product images, banner ads, reports, and PPC conversion tracking, which is a huge thing, yet still not a standard for many Clickbank programs. The commissions are at 72%, which turns into around $22 per sale.

6. Century MMA

Another affiliate program based at ShareASale. Mixed martial arts are a constantly growing niche. Each day more and more people get interested in it, and begin their training. According to Google Trends MMA has been growing constantly since 2004 and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Century MMA is an online MMA gear store. It offers commissions as high as 20%, has no PPC bidding rules, and provides 60 day tracking cookies. Affiliates are also aided by monthly newsletters containing all sorts of coupon codes they can use in their marketing materials.

7. The Ultimate Mma Strength And Conditioning Program

The mixed martial arts niche continues. Another MMA program worth taking a look at is this one. On the affiliate side it offers 75% commissions (around $40 per sale), but what’s really impressive is the affiliate package. To name just a few most important elements: banner ads, e-book covers, email copy, PPC keywords and ad copy, brandable PDFs, articles, and more. This is something really worth promoting for every affiliate operating inside the martial arts niche and the MMA niche specifically.

8. The Ultimate Bowling Guide

Bowling is yet another sport with a low barrier of entry and one that can be enjoyed in every major city, due to countless bowling clubs. The Ultimate Bowling Guide is an educational package targeted towards beginner bowling enthusiasts. On the affiliate side it offers 67% commissions, which turns into a $15.90 payout per sale. The program is based on Clickbank with the gravity score of 14. Of course, a proper affiliate toolkit is available.

9. BaseballRampage

BaseballRampage is one of the most popular baseball online stores. They sell all kinds of baseball equipment, clothing, shoes, even pitching machines and sunglasses. Their affiliates get 9% commissions, and the average order is at around $150. If you need some custom graphics and marketing material they can provide it as well. ShareASale based.

10. The 100 Day Marathon Plan

This is a rather interesting niche. Marathons are portrayed, by the general audience, as something you can actually do after a couple of weeks of training. For example, people are much more likely to sign up for a marathon than for a 100 meters dash. This is why promoting a marathon training program might work for some audiences. And the program we’re talking about here is the best one on Clickbank. It offers 50% commissions (around $21 per sale), and provides all sorts of banners, plus a promotional video you can use as part of a review, for example.

This concludes this list of top sports affiliate programs. Feel free to comment and share your insights if you know of some other interesting programs worth including on this list.