The weather is starting to heat up and although there is some time before the official start of summer we can start making moves to earn some healthy commissions as an affiliate targeting those activities one is likely to do during the season.

From going to the beach to having BBQ’s, playing lawn games, going to shows, and traveling around you can bet people are excited for summer. People will be taking breaks from work to have additional time for the weekends. Family and friends will be making plans. It’s a time where people can unwind and spend some of the money they’ve been saving for the summer season.

In the short series this week we’re going to examine five regular activities people are bound to do during the summer-time and how you could position yourself as an affiliate to earn commissions.

Let’s go to the Beach!

For those that have access to the beach (I, for one, live in Florida so it’s just an hour’s drive) it becomes a regular activity during the summer. For others further away it becomes a big event if they need to drive hours so they are also willing to invest in items for the beach.

If you were to create a niche site for your location you could do the following:

  • Create guides on how to get to specific beaches
  • Have maps for the best parking spaces
  • Review local eateries & bars that are at the beach
  • Suggest products to bring to the beach
  • Include fun videos of your time at the beach (and allow others to share the same)

Let’s say, for example, you wanted to highlight the beaches on the West coast of Florida (specifically around the central West-side such as St. Pete, Clearwater, and many others).

The niche site could include all these content types along with a general theme to match the lifestyle and excitement people will experience at those specific beaches (since they all vary depending on the types of people that go to each).

The money maker’s will come from the items people frequently take to the beach such as:

  • Sunblock
  • Beach towels
  • Umbrellas
  • Coolers
  • Radios
  • Small BBQ units
  • Beach games items

This gives you plenty of room to generate reviews for the top-selling products while also giving the visitor a look at complimentary products. A post such as “The Essential Items You’ll Want when Visiting St. Pete Beach” would allow you to condense and share all of these items (and reviews) and could score you big commissions if they decide to make a big trip out of it and purchase a majority of those items you recommend.

The other way you could generate income through this niche site is through the promotion of Groupon and other deals websites for businesses within the beach area.

Finally, to earn extra coin outside of the affiliate-side of things, you could talk with local businesses, provide reviews and overviews, and solicit advertising for your website if it’s receiving a healthy amount of traffic.

My recommendation (which will be for most of these parts of the series) is to sign up with Amazon Associates or one of the larger beach product chains to maximize your potential for additional commissions when they’re in their “shopping mode”.

Targeting beach-goers would be a fantastic way to boost earnings during the summer specifically those that have quick access to the beaches. You also have the ability to combine travel, vacations, and beach-going which can generate bigger commissions. Sell them on the dream of relaxation, cold drinks, and good times with friends and family and you’ll certainly score in this summer-time niche.

Image by VAG71