The weather is starting to heat up and although there is some time before the official start of summer we can start making moves to earn some healthy commissions as an affiliate targeting those activities one is likely to do during the season.

From going to the beach to having BBQ’s, playing lawn games, going to shows, and traveling around you can bet people are excited for summer. People will be taking breaks from work to have additional time for the weekends. Family and friends will be making plans. It’s a time where people can unwind and spend some of the money they’ve been saving for the summer season.

In the short series this week we’re going to examine five regular activities people are bound to do during the summer-time and how you could position yourself as an affiliate to earn commissions.

Let’s have a Party!

Summer time is the best time for parties and if you been to your fair share you can image the amount of items (and services) you could promote for those thinking about having one.

When I say party I’m not just talking about BBQ’s either (as covered in a previous post). No, no, what I’m talking about are the big events that bring people en masse like concerts, community events, and neighborhood meet-ups.

With the site could you…

  • Go to the event, record it, and upload it for the website and video streaming sites?
  • Interview the event organizers and party-goer’s (and encourage them to tag themselves)
  • Live tweet or blog the event for those that aren’t able to attend
  • Sponsor some of the events to immediately get your name out there
  • Affiliate with event websites which give commissions if they buy tickets through your link

When you’re developing your niche site around this topic I would recommend you set it up so that it’s more of an event hub rather than trying to push products or services (though you still can). You could focus your site just for your area (a local’s guide to parties and events).

What’s great about keeping it local is that you are able to get in touch with the event organizers and really begin to network because, after all, they want as much publicity to the event as they can and this means they’re willing to help promote your work too.

Need a few examples of what parties/concerts could go down?

  • Birthdays
  • Community day (at subdivisions and apartment complexes)
  • Concerts of all different genres
  • Food truck meetups
  • Business get-togethers
  • Walks, runs, rides, and other charity events

An example I would throw at you would be to pick some kind of event related around a hobby. In this example let’s say your area has a huge classic car community but there isn’t a great website hub for people to find information, schedule events, promote, and create discussions about their hobby. Keeping it local lets you build all that content around the people that are going to these events; the more they see your name around it the more they’ll come to your site.

When it comes to monetization you could always promote the items that are associated with the events. For birthdays you could have content that collect birthday ideas and products. For business get-togethers you could talk about services to help with presentations. With charity events you could find ways to promote product or services to keep people entertained and bring money to the charity (such as a dunk tank). The limits are endless.

Who doesn’t like a good party? Look around at the community boards, Facebook event pages, and dig through the online event/concert portals to see what neat events are going to happen in your area (or however you are targeting the audience).There will be plenty to choose from and plenty that will earn you some very decent commissions.

Image by Steven Allen