Throw Back Thursdays (#TBT and other variations) has become quite a popular meme on the social networks (especially Facebook).

The premise is that you take this day to post old info or media about yourself for kicks and discussion.

Of course you don’t have to keep this as a personal thing. You could use it for business.

Here are five ways you can use this TBT meme as part of your affiliate marketing:


1. Use it to go off the cuff

Business can get rigid and dry if all you’re doing with your social media is update followers on new releases and dishes out coupons.

TBT could be used as a day where you go off the cuff by posting items that are silly, embarrassing, or otherwise humanizing. It gives you the chance to have some fun. You can highlight those blunder years for a laugh which should get people engaged and help your Edge Rank for the next few days.

2. Use it to talk about old promotions

Over the years your business has amassed a collection of campaigns and promotions.

TBT could be used to talk about an old product you had used (or still use) that you promoted in the past but revitalize it in a way where you explain its application and value in modern times. Those that were around for the time of the promotion may chime in about their experiences, too. Basically – it’s an easy way to promote a product without being too forward.

3. Use it to tell a story

How much of the business do people know that’s not found on the About page?

TBT can be used to share your story and history. You could use the day to highlight employees, product development, big deals, and the like. Post old photos of the business when it got started or during the big events. Release video from behind-the-scenes. Talk about goals of past and where the business stands on this day.

4. Use it to get active on other social networks

Your business might use one or two social networks, which is fine, but could be on many others.

TBT is big on Instagram but has made its way on most other popular social media platforms. TBT can be your gateway onto these platforms. Start with Instagram, post to Facebook, share it on Twitter, pin it to a Pinterest board, and post it to your blog. It’s easy fuel for social media and can help give you the motivation to try other platforms where your community gathers.

5. Use it to humble brag

You’ve done a lot of great things with your business that’s worthy of it being shared.

TBT gives you an opportunity to “humble brag” which is more or less bragging about accomplishments but done so with elegance and humility. You could use this opportunity to bring up great, older content that made you felt accomplished. You could share an old income report. You could talk about your lifestyle. Brag a bit, humbly of course, and it’ll get people interested in your story (and possibly whatever you’re working on now).


Keep to the unofficial etiquette of #ThrowbackThursday. Don’t overdo it but try to make it part of your overall strategy especially since it’s an easy win in terms of social interaction. Simply put – have fun with it and try out different strategies for implementing TBT into your affiliate marketing.