While large affiliate networks once served much of the industry, increasing numbers of businesses are opting to start their own independent affiliate programs. In an interview with iMedia Connection, a website devoted to the marketing community, Affiliate Summit co-founder Shawn Collins noted that, “The movement towards independent programs is inevitable as the industry matures.” As access to affiliate technology improves, more and more retailers are making the move toward self-controlled affiliate programs.

Features of Top Independent Programs

  • Excellent commission rates
  • Reliable payout dates
  • Wide range of quality products
  • Numerous linking options
  • Publisher tools, sales reports, and site metrics

The following top five best independent programs provide just a glimpse of what is available. With literally thousands of affiliate programs to choose from, this opportunity is simply too great to pass up. Consider some of the following great programs for your own affiliate needs.

1. Amazon Associates

As one of the largest, most successful, and longest affiliate programs on the Web, the Amazon Associate program also enjoys one of the best reputations with publishers and marketers. With literally thousands of products to choose from in categories ranging from electronics to house wares, Amazon.com has something to offer for virtually every website.

2. ClubMom.com

The ClubMom affiliate program is a great choice for affiliate marketers reaching out to women on the Internet. Affiliate can earn between one to two dollars for every new member they refer to the community-based website. Marketers also have access to a variety of promotional tools, including banners, text links, mini-sites, and articles. If you’re looking for independent program that offers a wealth of support for motivated affiliates and limitless earning potential, this might be the perfect choice for you.

3. Joe Bucks Herbal Affiliate Program

The Joe Bucks affiliate programs provides affiliate partners with access to some of the greatest health and beauty products available on the Web. The programs gives affiliate full control of advertising methods and even tracks sales that are made via phone or mail. While some affiliate programs only pay out monthly or quarterly, the Joe Bucks affiliate program offers two monthly payments with no minimum balance requirement.

4. Calendars.com

Given the popularity of calendars as gift items, the independent affiliate program offers by Calendars.com is a great choice for any merchandise-based marketing website. This program offers a wide selection of more than 5,000 different calendars, with options suitable for various niche areas such as entertainment, art, and photography. Affiliates earn a 15 percent commission off of every sale, making this a great addition to your current affiliate marketing offers.

5. Pegasus Footwear

The affiliate program provided by Pegasus Footwear is a great example of why independent programs are becoming increasingly popular. This well-liked store based in New York has expanded its reach to a worldwide audience by running an effective and highly marketable affiliate program. Affiliates earn 10 percent of all sales, a range of linking options, and regular payouts every 45 days. If you’re looking for an excellent program that delivers great products and consistent results, this independent affiliate program is too good to overlook.