Fashion Fashion is probably one of those under-the-radar niches for affiliates. Here’s the thing… Markets like “make money online” or “lose weight” are incredibly crowded and incredibly tough to do business in at the same time.

The fact that they’re crowded is not the only reason why it’s often so difficult to do business there. All these niches have a big “don’t believe in” factor. In plain English, people don’t believe the promises.

And it’s not hard to imagine why. If someone says that you can get rich and fit by just buying their products then a red light comes on immediately.

The fashion niche, on the other hand, has often no such problem. There are hardly any promises in fashion. In most cases, customers can tell right away if what they’re about to buy is fashionable (or improves their fashion sense in any way) or not. For the great majority of products, marketers just have to say what they have and what the price is.

Also, the fashion niche is one of those niches that have a really high returning customer ratio. If you’re promoting an online store selling fashionable clothes, and a customer likes what they’ve bought there’s a big chance they’ll come back in the future.

If you’re promoting a “make money online” thing then even if a customer likes the product there’s no guarantee that they’re ever going to come back.

Finally, let’s look into the top 8 fashion affiliate programs that affiliates can incorporate into their sites.

Apparel Showroom

In the majority of cases fashion means clothing, and Apparel Showroom is one of the leading wholesale distributors on the internet. More than that, the company is also selling to retail buyers leaving no one behind.

Their affiliate program offers 8% commissions, bonuses, dedicated program management, promos and coupons. Just to let you know, the average order sits at around $300.

Allen Edmonds Shoe Corporation

The sub-niche of men’s fashion is growing constantly nowadays as men all over the world start to understand the importance of simply looking good. As the name says, Allen Edmonds Shoe Corporation sells mostly shoes. But actually, their online store also offers belts and other men’s accessories.

The affiliate program offers 7% commissions, dedicated affiliate marketing team, frequent sales, and the average order value is over $250.

The RealReal, Inc

This online store offers a range of designer brands in clothing. All items are stylist-selected, and the actual price is often much much cheaper than anywhere else – up to 90% off, which is one of the reasons why customers like this store very much.

On the affiliate program side it offers 10% commissions, which is the highest amount on this list yet. The average order is said to be at $400.

Become A Famous Fashion Designer

This is the first ClickBank based program on this list. And we’re also leaving online stores for a minute to shift to some educational products.

This is a fashion design course in e-book form. It comes with a range of bonuses to make it even more interesting for customers who want to learn a thing or two about fashion design.

The affiliate program offers 50% and 70% commissions depending on the type of product you manage to sell. What’s interesting is that the product owners share their refund rate openly (below 2%), which makes the whole offer transparent.

Seduce With Style

This is the second and last ClickBank product on this list. When it comes to men, one of the main reasons why they want to learn something about fashion is to look better in the eyes of women. Seduce With Style is a product that teaches them exactly that.

On the affiliate side the program pays 50% commissions. Also, there’s an affiliate package consisting of email copy, banner ads, product images, book covers, example chapters, and even flyers.

RK T-Shirts, LLC is an online store with funny t-shirts. They’re not extremely fashionable, but who are we do judge, right? What makes it interesting, though, are the commissions their affiliate program offers. Currently at 15% per sale it’s the highest commission for a physical product on this list. Besides, everyone loves t-shirts even if they’re not into fashion.

Tianello, Inc

Tianello is a women clothing manufacturer based in Los Angeles. They specialize in making garments from a kind of natural wood fiber in a fully organic process. Things important to affiliates are that the company currently only ships within the USA, and that the basic commissions are at 12% per sale.

Net Avenue LLC

We’re closing the list with an online store called the Net Fashion Avenue. The store offers mostly different kinds of dresses by many renowned designers. There are frequent sales, which are always a good reason to email your list about. On the affiliate side they offer 7% per sale, but the prices of their clothes are not exactly small, so there’s a good potential of making money.

Have you ever done business in the fashion niche? What are your experiences?