Being a car enthusiast or expert mechanic doesn’t not make you an expert auto website owner. Unfair, but a fact of life. You may be able to set up an auto parts website with all your valuable knowledge and insight but what about marketing techniques? What about making a little passive income? That is a mustang of a different color.

Affiliate programs are a tried and true way to pull in addition income from your website with little effort. The key to understanding auto parts affiliate programs is to be well versed in the basic terminology.

An affiliate is a person who promotes another business through their own website for a fee. They are also known as referrers. A merchant is the business owner who is selling their goods or services through their own website and those of affiliates. Merchants love affiliates because they drive traffic to their website that is specifically targeted to the product offered.

Affiliates place a special link on their website that directs customers to another site. A link is a button to click that will take the clicker to the other site. Affiliate websites are full of information, ideas and entertainment to their visitors while the merchants site offers some product or service for sale.

Sometimes it is necessary to pass an inspection of sorts before being accepting to the auto parts affiliate program. There are often requirements for websites to participate in an auto parts affiliate program. These requirements could be a certain amount of visitors a month, a domain name or the absence of any other affiliate programs.

Most successful auto part affiliates have websites that are very similar in content to the merchant’s site. They will either have lots of traffic or specifically targeted traffic.

Auto part affiliate programs usually pay a token amount per click through to their site and a percentage of each sale that is generated from your link. Many will provide comprehensive marketing tools to manage your account. Tracking tools plus sales and commission reports make understanding auto parts affiliate programs that much easier.