First launched in 1996, LinkShare is one of the largest affiliate networks on the Internet. The pioneering network helps connect merchants with online affiliates who then sell products through their own websites in order to earn a commission. Web developers looking for an effective way to generate income through their websites should consider joining this exclusive merchant network.

How does LinkShare work? Once your join the LinkShare network, you are given access to a wide variety of merchants and products. You then select items and place links on your website. Every time someone follows one of these links and makes a purchase, you earn a commission on the total amount of the sale.

Benefits of the LinkShare Affiliate Network

Since there are numerous affiliate programs and networks to choose from, you should consider the advantages of this program before you decide if LinkShare is right for your needs. One of the greatest benefits of the LinkShare network is that it provides access to some of the biggest and best online merchants, including Dell, Disney and Apple iTunes. If you want to offer brand recognition and popular products on your website, Linkshare is a great choice.

LinkShare also has a good reputation for reliability and simplicity. Affiliate partners are able to choose from a wide range of products and link types, which can then be easily added to a website or blog. This allows you too quickly add new product links or modify old links to feature new or updated items.

Choosing Products and Links

In order to succeed with the LinkShare network, you need to choose products carefully and then effectively integrate the links into your website or blog. Consider the needs and interests of your readers and try to select products that will appeal to your target audience. Before you add a product link to your site, ask yourself if it matches the quality and tone of your website.

Once you have selected a number of items, you need to determine which type of link will be most effective. While LinkShare offers several linking options, most website owners report the greatest success with text links that point directly to a specific item. Graphic buttons and banners are sometimes useful, but they tend to slow down page load times and clutter up your site.

Succeeding with LinkShare

Many of those new to affiliate marketing mistakenly believe that simply adding a number of product links to their website will result in instant income. In reality, you need to give your readers a reason to purchase items through your website.

How can you inspire people to make a purchase? The best way to generate sales is to offer valuable consumer advice, including product reviews and personal recommendations. Choose products that you genuinely believe are high quality and then explain to your readers both the strong points and possible weaknesses of each product.

While LinkShare offers a great way to earn money through an affiliate network, your success is entirely dependent upon you. By considering your audience and giving readers a reason to buy from your site, you can establish a successful affiliate networking website.