The topic of Yoga, and everything around it, is a very nice space for affiliates. First of all, the whole idea is very positive and brings no negative emotion while pitching various offers to your audience (as opposed to the “make money online” market, for example).

Also, the niche itself has many branches you can tackle, either individually or all at once. You can promote Yoga training programs, books, equipment, memberships, and all sorts of other things.

The following list presents top 8 affiliate programs related to Yoga that you can join today.

Barefoot Yoga Co.

Barefoot Yoga is an online store offering a whole range of Yoga-related products. Your prospects can browse the store for Yoga mats, mat bags, clothing, books and media, accessories, and even gift certificates.

The affiliate program has simple rules and offers 10% commissions per every sale you refer. There’s a 60-day tracking cookie, so you won’t lose any referral even if they don’t make a purchase right away.

Aura Wellness Center

Aura Wellness Center is said to be the world’s leading producer of top quality Yoga teacher training correspondence courses. The creator of the courses is a highly experienced Yoga master with over a thousand articles and 10 books in his portfolio.

The affiliate program offers quite high commissions at 20% per sale. You get access to top copy and promotional materials, tracking system, and earnings reports. Payments are made every 60 days (regardless of the amount you make).

Health and Yoga

Health and Yoga is a major online retailer offering a really wide range of products. Apart from the obvious Yoga products such as mats, bags, accessories, clothes, and so on, they also offer training programs and even retreats in various regions of the world.

The affiliate program offers commissions in the range of 5% to 15%, depending on the products you promote and the method of promotion. You get a 90-day cookie, you can track your earnings in real time, and receive payments to your PayPal account.

Pacific Tao

Pacific Tao is a site created to promote healthy living and everything related to it. They organize various events, provide a lot of free info, and also offer a range of products – mainly DVD sets, and workshops.

The affiliate program follows simple rules and offers 10% commissions on everything you sell. You have to reach $100 before you get paid, and the payments are made every month. You also get access to various banners and text links.


Parents all over the world want their kids to be healthy, that’s why Yoga for kids is becoming more and more popular every year. The site offers workshops, trainings, clothing, mats, accessories, books, DVDs, and many other products.

The affiliate program offers 10% commissions on products owned by YogaKids and 5% on products sold on behalf of their partners. stands for wide range of products and affordable prices. Customers can find everything they could possibly need to help them enjoy their Yoga trainings. Mats, mat rolls, straps, bolsters, balls, music, books, clothes, even jewelry … everything’s there.

The affiliate program offers 10% commissions, 45-day cookie, professional program management, and free data feeds of products available. The program is based at both Commission Junction and ShareASale – whichever you prefer more.

YogaDirect, LLC

YogaDirect is an online store offering a range of Yoga-related products and also other eco-friendly merchandise, music and DVDs, jewelry, and more.

The affiliate program offers high commissions – 15% on every sale you generate. And you can also earn money for referring new affiliates to the program.

Everything Yoga

Everything Yoga offers a nice range of Yoga clothing, with most items actually looking good, and not only being practical. There are also mats and other gear, DVDs, nutrition products, skin and body care products, and more.

The affiliate program offers modest commissions of only 5%, but you get automatically approved, no matter what your site and background is.

Do you find the Yoga market attractive for affiliates to join? What’s your experience?