Affiliate Marketing takes a lot of hard work and perseverance.

Every day you can expect to create new content, manage advertising campaigns, respond to feedback, research and develop tactics, tweak conversions, take notes, and follow the important announcements.

By the end of the day you’re generally exhausted and ready to turn in for the night.

But wait.

The following are some of the ideas I’ve had in mind if you want to begin earning a passive income during that downtime in business.

An extra hour or two of your time later into the evening (or early morning if that’s your thing) can be a prime opportunity to begin sowing the seeds of passive income. An hour dedicated to a new information product, product review, niche website, sales letter, or interview is often enough to warrant this additional investment of your time.

Here are the ones I had in mind that I feel you could do:

Micro Guides

1. Use your website analytics or Google Trends to find a hot topic in your niche.

2. Outline a complete guide to complete a single segment of the topic.

3. Produce video, audio, and written content for their highly-focused piece.

4. Package and price the work for under $10.

What you’re essentially doing is creating premium posts but with a price tag. They should be very specific and thorough which will warrant their price. These are complete guides to the narrowed topic which is why you can label them as micro guides.

Creating one or two of these should take less than an hour or two of your time but can then continually earn an income when placed on your website and sold through a digital product delivery service.

VIP Lists

1. Create a new list in your email marketing service that is invite only.

2. Develop a private location on the site which has forums and a chat feature.

3. Invite individuals to join your exclusive list but at a premium (perhaps $7 a month).

4. Update this list regularly with news, in-depth articles, and exchanging tactics.

The exclusivity of the list will entice loyal followers to subscribe. Here you can qualify the subscribers and share highly valuable information you may have wanted to retain from the general readership. It’s also here that you may work with people on a more personal level which also gives you a chance to promote products/services without coming across as pushy.

Shopping Helper

1. Get in touch with family, friends, and relatives.

2. Tell them your expertise at finding great deals on the Web and offer to teach them.

3. Use Amazon Associate links whenever it’s appropriate if you (or they) found a better deal.

Not everyone knows their way around the Web. They often see what they want and make an impulse purchase. But you know better. You know how to get the best deals. Use that with these people and when you do find what they’re looking for – just drop in the affiliate link. You helped them and they helped you. If you teach them the process and remind them to use your links it truly becomes passive.

Quick Product Reviews

1. Look around you.

2. Identify some of the premium items you’ve purchased in the last six months.

3. Setup your cell phone, hit record, and talk about what you like (and don’t like) about it.

4. Do a bit of editing and add it to YouTube with an affiliate link.

Little 2 – 3 minute product review videos are great because you don’t get too wrapped up in the production. You can speak your mind, make the edits, upload it, and let it start bringing in reviews. Chances are you have a few items laying around that may not have reviews on YouTube so be the first and take advantage of that void on the video site.


Let’s say an eBook takes you about 30 hours from start to finish. Putting in that extra hour a day when you’re relaxing on the couch or stepping away from the main work means it can be completed within a month’s time. Then you’re free to sell it over and over again.

The same goes for selling services, updating an old post with new offers, exploring a new niche, connecting with others – it all adds up. Once these things get in motion you’ll see the passive income keep on ticking. It begins to compound and once you’ve met your goals you’re now free to explore the bigger options for your business … and lifestyle.

Give it a shot. Give me just one hour of your downtime. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.