The massive beast that is Google, drives the way the majority of business and search is done online. Through Google Adwords, advertisers all around the world can access billions of potential customers every day by getting ranked in the top listings for nearly any search term. However, just because Google is the largest and most powerful search engine in the world, does it mean that it’s the best solution for your business? Possibly, but I have three reasons why you should be using Facebook Ads marketing over Google Adwords.

No Quality Score!

One of the biggest headaches with Google Adwords pay per click advertising is having to deal with their quality score, which ends up affecting your rankings and how much you are going to pay per click. If you don’t have an aged site, quality product/content, navigation bar, contact information etc… all of that can play into the actual quality score Google will give you. Then you will have to compete with everyone else that is bidding for the same search terms you are. In a heavy traffic niche, you will find yourself in an aggravating battle of quality score and price bidding, just to get higher in the rankings.

Why Facebook Ads is better: Forget quality score! Sure, the Facebook Ads team can be a massive headache in itself, and they may deny all of your ads just because they don’t like your ad copy, landing page or are just having a bad day… but you can simply resubmit your ad campaign! You can throw together a plain looking landing page with just a banner to click on, and not have to deal with quality score like you would with Google Adsense. Advertising through Facebook Ads, you are your own quality score tester.

It’s Cheaper!

Have you seen the rates on Google lately for advertising to some of the top keywords out there? It’s quite expensive. While search engine traffic may give higher conversion rates, in comparison to advertising on a social network like Facebooks Ads, it can be quite the strain on your over all roi.

Why Facebook Ads is better: Just like the quality of your web site and landing pages is in your control, so it the cost you will be paying per click. Yes, Facebook Ads will “suggest” their own bidding amounts for you, but based on your ad campaigns click through rates, you can achieve much cheaper rates, and some marketers will even get clicks for a few pennies each.

The Best Demographic Targeting!

Sure, advertising through Google Adwords does have a nice amount of targeting and pixel tracking options that you can choose from, but it’s nowhere near the targeting capabilities of Facebook Ads. Google can get you in front of the right audience, but all of their traffic might not be exactly what you are looking for. If you are going to be paying per click for traffic, make sure it’s the audience you are trying to target.

Why Facebook Ads is better: When setting up your first ad campaign on Facebook Ads, you will truly realize the power and potential for big profits by using Facebook Ads targeting. Since every user on Facebook is already providing all of their full demographics, from age/gender/location to all of their interests and hobbies, you can target any demographic right down to the smallest detail.

Facebook Ads versus Google Adwords

There isn’t a clear winner in this battle of marketing giants, but depending on your ad campaign and how you like to market, you will no doubt have your preference. If you’ve only advertised on Google Adwords, you are doing yourself a dishonor by not at least trying Facebook Ads… same way if you are only using Facebook Ads, and not Google Adwords. It’s all about creating new ad campaigns and split testing. You never know what your next traffic source may bring for your next ad campaign.

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Zac Johnson is a online marketer with 15 years of experience and also a blogger at Blogging Tips and Affiliate Marketing blog, as well as the founder of Follow me on Twitter @MoneyReign.