How To Use Facebook to Build and Grow Your Email List

Do you want to know how to build your email list with Facebook marketing? Looking for a way to collect email addresses from a Facebook page? Facebook commands the lion’s share of social media users. Siphoning just a fraction of Facebook users into your email list can create an immense opportunity for your business. We take a look at some of the strategies for using Facebook for lead and list building. (more…)

How to Create an Awesome Facebook Cover Photo [Bonus: Free Cover Template]

The Facebook cover photo says a lot about your page and brand. It’s a billboard in the simplest sense. You can use the cover photo to share ideas, promote new offers, or set the tone for what followers can expect from your Facebook page. This is all part of what goes into creating a Facebook business page. In this article, you’ll learn three ways to create a Facebook cover photo for your Facebook page. (more…)

Get More Page Views and Conversions by Using Image Compression Tools

I’ve been on this kick about page bloat. We have plenty of tools like content delivery networks, HTML/CSS minifiers, and browser caching. Google and Facebook do a few tricks for displaying pages faster with AMP and Instant Articles. But, there’s still this underlying problem that pages are bloated with code, scripts, and images. Now… We know images are important for storytelling and visitor retention but a lot of us are adding images forcing end users to take a hit to their bandwidth. Heads up: Not everyone has high-speed Internet. I spent some hours really going after this main culprit: images....

How to Create a Facebook Business Page: A Visual Step-by-Step Tutorial

You need to create a Facebook business page. This isn’t up for debate. More than two billion people on the network are within reach. Facebook becomes your second home to promote business, offer products and/or services, and gather vital feedback. Not having one is like attending a business meeting and forgetting your business card. Ouch. You have options when making a Facebook business page: Fiddle with it, get annoyed, and leave it for deletion Make one by using this visual guide and begin attracting customers I think we both know which you rather do. (more…)

Meta Tags: Abused, Neglected, and Great for SEO and Clickthrough

It’s crazy to believe only 1 in 3 websites are using meta tags. That means only 1 in 3 sites are getting the most from their SEO. There’s a huge gap in the use of meta descriptions and canonical content tags, too! has meta tag usage broken down by the numbers – it’s shocking… (more…)

The Website Traffic Checklist: More Visitors, Shares, and Sales

We’ve created a website traffic checklist. We could go on-and-on about different traffic generation strategies – explaining each – but you’re a busy person. In fact, you may know how it’s done… it’s the timing and routine that’s the hard part. This website traffic checklist is to streamline your ability to reach the 3+ billion people using the Web. Follow (and check) each of these and you’ll get more visitors, likes, shares, and sales.     The’s Website Traffic Checklist Does this contain every traffic generation strategy? No. You’d spend too many hours trying to do them all. You’d...

Use Google Trends for Niche Discovery: A Primer to “Get In” Hot Markets (Ahead of the Competition)

We love to use Google Trends for business research. It reveals and validates ideas. We get an inside glimpse where markets are going and whether they're in decline. If you can find a trending topic and pair it with an offer -- then you've got yourself a great opportunity to ride that social excitement and make a few bucks. Catching an early trend gives you plenty of time to begin creating content, selecting products, and making all-important, business connections. Sometimes it's a coin toss, though. Remember fidget spinners?     How many people got stuck with stockpiles because they "got in"...

Affiliate Marketing Without a Website: A How To Guide

Doing affiliate marketing without a website seems impossible. Tell that to the people doing it. The truth is a site does help… but it’s not the only way you’ll make money doing affiliate marketing. This is what you’ll learn: Monetizing your social feeds Using free hubs to make sales Creating videos that’ll convert The nice thing about all this is how the costs are kept low and you’re not stuck managing a site.     Making Money on Social Media as an Affiliate Marketer This one is easy: Sign up for an affiliate program to share offers your community would...

How to Get Social Media Traffic in 3 Simple Steps (Based on Best Practices)

There are many ways to get a ton of social media traffic. Though, most will deliver fake clicks and no engagement. If you’re willing to put in the effort, then these techniques will work for you. The process will: Reduce low-quality pages on your site Help you earn social media traffic, without dodgy tactics Improve your branding and sales, too Here is a simple 3-step plan to get social media traffic fast.     1. Improve the quality of your content The best thing you can do is create better content. The ideal length of a blog post is about...