Each commission you earn from selling an affiliate product or service goes to your bottom line but once an individual makes that purchase they may never come back (since they got what they want).

To increase your bottom line it’s within your interest to find ways to throw in additional offers and efforts to increase the affiliate sale and commission.

In this post I will share three ways you can get more from each of your sales so that those commissions continue to climb.


A. Embed bonus offers

Once an individual has their wallet out to complete a transaction you have already won half the battle.

Example: You just made a commission on a video series about building chicken coops… after they have made the transaction you could offer a product that aids in storing eggs, chicken health, and more.

The idea is that someone already has the invested interest in the topic and by showing something complimentary you can solicit an additional sale.

Other ways to go about doing this is including an additional offer within the copy. If you sell an information product you could include an additional piece of content, complimentary, that further recommends products that go well with what they have just purchased.


B. Mix support with pitching

Once someone has purchased through your affiliate link you should see it as a one-time deal; doing follow-ups and providing support brings many opportunities to make additional earnings.

Example: An individual may get stuck when practicing (or using) a product/service. It is at this time, in a follow up or a piece of content, which you could solicit services or recommend products that could help them understand it better. If you sold a course on building websites you could recommend templates, plugins, and scripts that could streamline the development (when they’re stuck with implementation).

Not only are you bringing about these opportunities to earn additional revenue but you are building trust and recognition with the person. Them seeing you there for support shows that you care more than just making money from their purchase. By being there you open the chances of repeat business when you have something new to offer.


C. Utilize the case studies

Those that have purchase a product you’re promoting are great for finding additional ways to earn from a single transaction. In this case what you would want to do is create case studies from those that have found success with the products/services you’re promoting.

Example: Someone bought an information product to help them lose weight. You could create a case study about their journey and include suggested affiliated products they mention.

People want to see others succeed but they’re also skeptical. When they see one of their peers succeed and then mention additional products/services that has helped them along the way they will feel they, too, can follow through (and the resources will help which means extra income on your end).


Have you been doing these as part of your affiliate marketing? Why or why not? Share your experience at increasing commissions with each sale with a comment below.

Image by jarmoluk