Every needs a little self-help!

People are always searching for various ways to improve their lives, work, dating and relationships, and other areas. That’s why self-help – as a niche – has always been attractive for affiliates to promote.

This post presents a roundup of 8 interesting self-help programs divided into 5 different categories.

Dating and Relationships

The Tao Of Badass

This is a very straightforward product. It helps men attract women … all there is to it. It’s delivered as an e-book along with some training videos.

The affiliate program is one of the most popular ones on Clickbank right now (gravity of 147). It offers 75% commissions ($55 per sale). There’s recurring billing, $1 trials, and affiliate tools available.

Text The Romance Back

This is a completely different product than the previous one. It teaches customers how to turn the biggest romantic numbskulls into “prince charming,” which will make every relationship more intimate. The author of the product made an appearance on the Rachael Ray Show.

The affiliate program offers 75% commissions ($41 per sale), plus additional 50% commissions on upsells. There’s a big package of affiliate tools available, including: landing pages, email copy, banners, PPC keywords, demographic data, and more.

Surviving Crisis

Sold Out After Crisis

This is an interesting product. It has quite high gravity score (92), even though it touches upon a seemingly strange topic. The product lets you know on what the 37 food items, critical for your survivor in case of a disaster happening are.

The affiliate program offers 75% commission ($24 per sale). There’s recurring billing, $1 trials, and a range of affiliate tools available (banners, and such).

Personal Finance

What Lies in Your Debt

This product is targeted towards people facing foreclosure, having difficulty obtaining credit, and trying to get out of debt in general.

The affiliate program offers 75% commissions ($67 per sale). There’s recurring billing ($75 commissions), and some affiliate tools available.

Stress and Social Skills

Shyness And Social Anxiety System

This is a product consisting of two main elements (on shyness and social anxiety). Basically, it helps people to overcome their social fears. Apart from the main e-books there’s also a number of bonuses.

The affiliate program offers 75% commissions ($19 per sale). Plus, there are affiliate tools available: banners, email copy, articles, product images.

Panic Away

Panic Away is the best selling stress management product on Clickbank. It teaches a natural technique to stop panic attacks and fight anxiety.

The affiliate program offers 70% commissions ($42 per sale), and has a very high gravity of over 120.

Careers and Success

How To Be An Expert Persuader

Persuasion skills are what many people crave because once you have them, you can essentially convince others to do anything. And this is exactly what the product teaches.

The affiliate program offers 75% commissions ($38 per sale). But the best part is the big affiliate package you can use: ads for email marketing, banners, keywords, signature lines, instant buzz ads, additional marketing tips, and more.

Stop Procrastinating

Due to our current way of living products that help to fight procrastination (like this one) and teach how to get some actual work done are becoming more and more popular.

The affiliate program offers 75% initial commissions ($17 per sale), recurring commissions, and some affiliate tools.