When it comes to running successful ad campaigns and web sites, you need to have the write stats tracking and platform in place. Whether you are looking to better manage your ppc tracking or even just get a better look and who is visiting your web sites and where they come from, there are plenty of solutions available.

In this post we are going to quickly cover a few of the top free, premium and paid tracking solutions for all different types of marketing and management.

Tracking 202

One of the most used tracking platforms among many affiliate marketers is the Tracking 202 platform. In addition to everything the software can do and report, it’s also surprisingly free! For any new affiliate that is just starting out and looking to better manage their ad campaigns and stats, Tracking 202 is the best place to start!

Google Analytics

The most widely used platform for tracking web site statistics, is also a widely used platform for tracking ad campaigns as well. Since Google runs Analytics, it’s also extremely easy to setup pixel tracking campaigns and custom reports to run with Google Adwords and Adsense.


For anyone who loves the stats and feel of Tracking 202 but looking for more reports and tracking options, there is LinkTrackr. With several plans and pricing packages ranging from $9 to $69 a month, you can enjoy all of the benefits of unlimited tracking links, viral cloacking, branded domains, conversion tracking and a/b split testing.

Track Grid

For anyone who has wanted to start an affiliate network of their own, or simply bring an affiliate program in-house for their web site, Track Grid is a solid option for the software you will need. With flat rate monthly pricing at $250 a month, and a ton of option, Track Grid might be exactly what you are looking for.


Another solution for anyone looking to start an affiliate network of their own, HasOffers has built quite then name for themselves over the past few years. They are now powering some of the most well known ad networks online, and offering packages starting at $279 a month and up.

As you can see, when it comes to online tracking for individual ad campaigns, web site traffic or even starting your own ad network, you have a lot of options. Before signing up with any of the sites above, be sure to compare their rates and different options they each offers. There are plenty of useful write up and reviews around the web from affiliates and current users for all of these solutions, so be sure to check them out.

This Post was written by Zac Johnson

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