It’s my belief that success in affiliate marketing doesn’t just come from your technical abilities like SEO, SEM, and site development. I believe a big portion of what determines your success depends on the lifestyle you’ve created.

A great habit forms a great lifestyle. A great lifestyle forms a great business.

To wait idly for the “next big thing” or “great idea” means you’re missing the day-to-day opportunities to create big wins. Taking just one hour of your day to feed your mind, engage your community, and challenge your abilities can go a very, very long way in this industry.

These are three areas of that habit/lifestyle/business progress which I would recommend you add to your list of daily activities (and a few resources to go with them).


Inspiration is important for our cause because without it you may lack the motivation to begin making these changes. The following are three sites I feel are perfect for opening your mind, placing you in a good mood, and encouraging.

  • TED Talks – TED is an organization that brings a wide mix of people together to talk about all kinds of interesting topics. There are thousands of these talks freely available. You can find ones on productivity to mapping the human genome. Seeing and hearing these people will no doubt give you a bump in inspiration. The advancements and insights we get to hear from these talks will give us a drive to do big things with our work.
  • – Flip on the news or jump onto a general news site and you’re in for a bad time. This is mainly because you’ll see the same familiar topics: war and death. These aren’t items to fill your head when you’re starting your day because it’ll put you in a negative mood. The opposite of this is the sub-Reddit “Uplifting News” which collects those feel good, inspirational stories of humanity. Reading through them will surely bring a smile to your face which, in turn, will keep you glowing with positivity throughout your day.
  • Behance – It’s truly amazing what people can do when devote themselves to their art. Behance is a site where you can browse through thousands of submissions for all things related to topics like design, fashion, art direction, and more. When you need a little creative kick just head on over there, browse around for a bit, write down whatever pops in your head, and get on your way to getting it done.


Humans are social animals and the body and mind needs to feed on interaction. These three sites/resources are great for finding people of all flavors that have great things to say and are willing to challenge your ideas. They’re truly engaging.

  • Quora – Quora got hot and then it seemed to have fizzled out but the reality is that the site is still going very strong and has a ton of great people and discussions. Join the site and start digging around to find topics that interest you. Keep up with those discussions and make a name for yourself by sharing your expertise. Post your own discussions and keep your mind open to new ideas.
  • LinkedIn Groups – When it comes to interacting with professionals you should always turn your direction toward LinkedIn – especially the groups people have started. Right from get-go you get to interact with professionals and experts in their field so there is no doubt you’ll find some very challenging and engaging discussions. Since it’s a social network you can also help another build their reputation (and get some in return); it’ll put you in the right position to find the right people for your type of work.
  • Industry forums – Do a search for your main keywords and add “forum” to the end of the iquiry. You will no doubt find a forum dedicated to your specific interests. On these forums you can connect with highly passionate individuals. It’s slower than other social media platforms but the discussions can get very in-depth (which is what we want). You also have the chance to make buddies with other members which can unlock a chance to work with one another on bigger and better goals.


A mind is a terrible thing to waste especially if there are so many free resources to learn just about anything and everything, online. These are three sites I feel are perfect for giving you the chance at a new direction, new ideas to grow your business, and a challenge to broaden your ability to see and accept the World around you.

  • Udemy – Udemy is a site which allows people to create and host courses. Here you can find a course on just about any type of topic since its user created. There are many courses that are free and many others that are paid. Take a look into some of the topics you’ve been putting off learning and jump right in. You’ll have a blast learning something new that you can bring to the business.
  • Duolingo – Restricting yourself to your native language means you’re missing out on all kinds of wonderful opportunities to experience new cultures. Learning a second language unlocks that and I can’t recommend a site without any more praise than Duolingo. The selection of languages may not be too diverse but the way the system is setup (where it feels more like a game) keeps you engaged and really learning versus the traditional “flash card” approach. Who knows? Maybe you’ll pick up a language that’ll let you make your way into a new, foreign market!
  • Khan Academy – Khan Academy is for the serious topics like math, science, computing, and the arts. It’s like returning back to your school days but now it’s refined and you can go at your own pace. Brushing up on older topics you were taught or challenging yourself to learn ones (at a college level) you may not had access to can be thrilling. This site will keep your mind sharp as a tack which will certainly show good returns when you’re applying those concepts to business.


No doubt – affiliate marketing has its ups and downs.

One week you could be on top of the World and the next you’re forced to start on something new. If you’re the type to ride a single strategy or routine into the ground then you’re bound to find failure.

It’s the individuals that make the effort to keeping their mind sharp, communicating with the community, and challenging ones’ abilities that find great success in this industry.

Be one of these people.